Avengers: Age of Ultron // Review (Spoiler Free)

Watched this a few days ago. SUCH a good movie! I loved the humor and banter in this one... the dynamics between the characters was fantastic, and of course the bad guy was amazing.

So I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron a last month. The verdict? 

It was amazing.

I think that it is one of (if not the best) Marvel movies yet. It was funny, fairly clean (from what I can remember), the plot kept moving, and the special effects were great. There were only a few problems that I had with the movie. One was kind of a big deal for me, the other was more of an "eh, it's annoying".

My first minor problem was that I felt that sometimes the script was trying a little too hard to be funny. Don't get me wrong--I laughed so many times, and it's humor was right up my alley. There were just a few spots where the jokes felt forced. 

My major problem had to do with the Vision. When the Avengers asked what his name was, he said, "I am... I am." I did not like that at all. In the Bible, Jesus referred to Himself as the Great I AM. So when I heard that in the movie, I was not okay with it. I feel like the scriptwriters knew exactly what they were doing when they added that line in there. Maybe they didn't, I don't know. But I still have a problem with it.

What I Loved:
While they team had their moments, I loved how they were more of a family. The Avengers are the Kings (and Queen) of one liners. Poor Captain America is never going to forget about the "language" thing, is he? And about the hammer contest: If anyone could move Thor's hammer, I thought it would be Cap. Apparently Thor was concerned, too.


When I saw the trailers, I wasn't sure about the twins. I thought that they were going to take away from the Avengers. But I was wonderfully proved wrong. They brought so much to the movie. Scarlet Witch's mind-power thing was neat (and a little creepy) to see. Steve's nightmare (or whatever that mind-control-see-your-worst-fear-thing is) was hard to watch -- all of them were, really. I can't wait to see more. By the middle of the movie, I was a total Quicksilver fan. He's so snarky -- I love it! Plus, brother-sister duos are the best.

I feel much excitement. Much excitement.  Four More AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Images Surface

RDJ Iron Man was amazing as always.
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There was so much going on in this movie. There was a new ship that appeared out of nowhere (I don't know how I feel about it... so many mixed emotions...), major plot twists and there were a lot of doors left open for the future. Is anyone else nervous about what could happen in the next Avengers? Because I am. 

If I wasn't worried about spoilers, I could write two more posts all about this movie. There is so much to talk about. But I will zip my lips and throw away the key.

Did anyone else see the movie? What did you think? Is it just me, or is this the best Avengers movie yet?!



  1. The second Avengers was really good! I think my favorite part was the brother/sister duo.

    Though I have to say, sometimes it felt like the only reason there was a plot was so the characters had an opportunity to deliver their perfect one-liners. Not that I'm complaining about one-liners. They were hilarious! There was not a one I didn't laugh over. But it almost seemed like that was the whole purpose of the movie.

    Agh, that Vision part. I remember sitting in the theater thinking, "Don't you dare. I can't believe they did that." As a character, I kind of liked Vision. His almost naive optimism. But that part- I did not like that part.

    My only other complaint is Natasha just wasn't Natasha. Something seemed off with her character. I don't know if it was because of the Hulk/Black Widow thing (which didn't work for me. . . *shrugs*).

    I loved Quicksliver. And Hawkeye was FANTASTIC. I also like Thor, but there didn't seem to be as much of him in this one.

    1. I was thinking the same thing too -- I could tell where the Vision thing was headed from the start. I agree with liking him as a character, though.

      YES about Natasha. I feel like they changed her character just to fit the romance part.

      The Hawkeye twist was great! I think he really grew as a character during this movie. I'm curious to see if they continue with it in the next movie.

  2. I loved this movie, too, it was such an amazing theater experience for me! I have a lot of mixed emotions about the new ship too. I kinda had to watch my ship of two years crash and burn and that was the only thing I really didn't like about the movie. But, it didn't ruin it for me. :)

    1. Yeah, I had to watch my ship burn too. Buuut I did like the new Hawkeye twist!

  3. I thought it was a good movie as well. Just didn't like the "I am" part...


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