Friday, April 29, 2016

And so finishes another semester of school. Next week is finals (cue tears and craving comfort foods), then I get a week break before summer classes. If all goes well, I'll be graduating next July. It's still not completely sinking in.

This year has been amazing. By the last week of January I had a major answer to prayer that caught me off guard (but in an amazing way), I turned 20, threw an adoption shower for my aunt, and voted for the first time. It might not seem like a lot to you, but in the first four months of this year, I feel like I've lived a lot -- which is super exciting since Live is my one word for 2016.

I guess if I had to use one one to describe how I'm feeling, it would be thankful. God has sent so many blessings my way and it's a little overwhelming. I can't even begin to count my blessings. But I can try.

I'm thankful for....

friends who really care

my college and career sunday school class

warm weather

a boyfriend who encourages me 

pictures drawn for me by the adorable little munchkins I babysit

passing my latest lab exam with an A

woods to take a walk in

the freedom to vote

ways to keep in touch with friends that I haven't seen in forever

gift cards to my favorite store so I can get new clothes

new books (oh the smell of new books!!)

conquering my voice recital without forgetting words or tripping

not breaking my face when I ran into the door yesterday in front of my whole A&P class (let's not talk about it)

my brother and sister (they're hilarious, in a good way)

parents who understand that I'm stressed about finals

my amazing church family

the 2nd season of  Fixer Upper on netflix

answered prayer

getting to meet my new cousin soon!

What are you thankful for?


Two Decades // April Playlist

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It has been one whole week since I turned twenty. I'm two decades old. It's a little hard to believe. When I was a little kid, twenty seemed so old. I never really pictured myself being this age. One thing I've learned in this life (although it seems like the more I learn, the less I know) is how amazing God's grace is. I fail everyday, yet Jesus still died for me. That's mind boggling. I have so much to be thankful for and I don't deserve any of it.

My April playlist is a bunch of songs that mean something to me. All of these songs were kept on repeat at different times of my life (go ahead and judge me). Can You Feel the Love Tonight was my favorite song EVER when I was little. Kindergarten and first grade was the Backstreet Boys phase (I was in love with Nick Carter) and fifteen year-old was the One Direction phase (apparently I had a thing for boybands. sorry, not sorry). This playlist is on a constant loop for me as we speak. Oh, nostalgia!

Dear ten year-old me,

If I could tell you one thing to prepare me for the next ten years of my life, I would say that God knows exactly what He is doing. Sometimes things don't work out. But oh, sometimes they do and it's oh so wonderful when things do work out. The next thing you need to do: start exercising right now. Don't wait till after high school -- you'll regret it big time. Oh and please be careful on your bike and climbing trees. That doesn't end well. Enjoy every single minute with your best friends, they won't be around forever. When you make no-bake cookies, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS PERFECTLY (it might take you a few years to figure that out, but you'll get it eventually). Start taking voice and piano lessons as soon as you can and don't forget to practice everyday. Oh and writing a novel is hard work -- you're first draft will be absolutely horrible and you won't ever want anyone to read it, BUT writing gets better the more you do it. Oh and pay more attention in Anatomy and Physiology when you get to high school (you're going to go to college for nursing, in case you're wondering). Twenty is an amazing age to be. 2016 is an awesome year as of April -- you have the best people ever in your life and you will be so happy to see where you are. Trust me.

Love, twenty year-old me 
Yes, driving is just as fun as you thought it would be.