A Novel Idea Link-Up // 6-21

Hello blogglings! After a much-needed, unplanned break, I am back! Between summer classes, working, getting things in order for my nursing classes in the fall, and a trip to the beach (which was wonderful) my summer has been busy to say the least. I did make time to sit down and write at the beach, though -- something about salty-air breezes gets your creative juices going. I felt like writing a novel in one sitting. Then the power went out. Oh well. I'm back at it now, and ready to write.

 This week, I'm linking up with Sky and Ashley's A Novel Idea. The prompt is to write a back-cover blurb for your novel. Writing cover blurbs are one of my favorite things to do, because it helps me sort out the key points in my novel. It's also a little terrifying -- a synopsis can make or break your story. I know how much I rely on back-cover blurbs when I'm buying a book, so I want mine to be just right. That's probably why I have a million synopsis ideas scattered all around. 

After discovering the traitor, everything changed. Then the bombs fell. And life came crashing to the ground. Brynn believes that the spy -- once her friend -- is behind the destruction of their home. She disobeys orders and sneaks away to kill the traitor, though she can't shake the suspicion that he might be innocent. Brynn decides to ignore her feelings and go through with her plans -- until the traitor contacts her first.  

Have you linked up? If not, I'd still love to read your back-cover blurb!


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