Another Writing Post

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{all pictures are from my beginning of the end board}

I seem to be on an inspiration high. Which is really good, considering that I had writer's block for what seemed like an eternity. And I've been so busy, too. Saturday was my voice recital, Sunday was church & my friend's bridal shower, and yesterday I wasn't feeling very good (but I'm all better). The craziness is only going to pick up, I know, but I'm trying to find the time to write (trust me, it's hard. can I get an amen?). 

Thankfully, though--as I said--I'm getting a lot of inspiration. An old story idea has even popped back into my head, and I'm really excited: it's a mystery that, to be honest, was an awful idea--it's a good thing that I'm not a criminal, because I would get caught before I even committed a crime. Seriously. BUT I'm not a criminal (and don't ever plan on being one), so that's okay ;) Anyway, I'm really thinking through this mystery a bit more. And I think that it will be interesting :) 

My main work, though, continues to be my Rebel series. I don't care if any other book of mine ever gets published--I want to see the Rebel trilogy  published; Beginning of the End is the first--and only--book of mine that I feel is actually good. And that's really something :)

What's new with you? 

xoxo, Emily

My Book....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've been trying to really work hard on my Rebel series--which includes pinning a bunch of things to my Rebel inspiration board on Pinterest (feel free to check it out here). I'm in major writing mode, people.

Also : I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever--I turned 17 last week (yay!!). I got a bunch of cool stuff, like the Les Mis movie :) And I also bought an ipod touch with my birthday money. So I'm a happy camper :)

I'm enjoying writing this series. So much. And Pinterest really comes in handy for gathering all my inspiration and story-planning together (it can also be a good place to procrastinate). 

How have you been?

xoxo, Emily