Totally. Awesome. Yeah.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


At about 8:00 EST.

I finished.

The first draft.

Of Rebel Yell.

I am officially the happiest girl alive. It.Is.Awesomeness. Now I can't wait to write draft two!!! Haha! I never thought I could do it. But, I have 51,989 words in the first draft!
Seriously. Awesome.
Oh Yeah.

ABC's of Thanks

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A--Alphabet Cookies. They're actually very good!

B--Babies. Who doesn't love to hold a plump little baby and kiss their soft little cheeks, or hold their sweet little hands?

C--Christmas. It is my most favorite time of year, other than summer.


E--"Extra" gum (ya know, the brand?). I love the mint-chocolate chip ice-cream flavor :)
F--Family. Seriously, family is my favorite thing on this whole planet! I'll I need is my family and I'm happy.

G--Grace. Where would we all be without grace?

H--Happiness. I'm thankful that I'm very happy!

I--Ice-covered snow. I love going to the hill in the cornfield and snowboarding. Of course, I usually fall and hurt myself. But it's still fun. The ice makes the board go fast ;) Also, I'm very thankful for Ibuprofen. haha

J--Jesus died on the Cross for me.

K--Kit-Kats. Oh yeah. Awsomeness.
L--Love. I'm so glad my family loves me. At least, that's why they say ;)

M--My Band Mates. Seriously, Morgan and Bethanie are amazing and the times we have together are awesome. It's really cool making music and being BFFs with them <3

N--Not having to get anymore teeth pulled! lol

O--Omlets. They are sooo good.


Q--Quiet. I like quietness. Surprised? It's true. Silence is golden :)

R--Rest. Isn't it nice after a long day's work to fall in bed and sleep?

S--Siblings. Yep, I've gotten to the point in my life where I am sooo thankful for my bro and sis. They are my best friends. Yeah, they get on my nerves. But I get on theirs. Allll the tiiime.
T--Truffles. It's. A. Piece. Of. Heaven.

U--Uplifting songs. You know, songs like, You Raise Me Up.
V--Video Cameras. They come in handy to capture memories. Or to blackmail your siblings. Just kidding :D
W--Walks in the rain. Even though I'm tried of all the rain that we've had this year (our road has been closed since forever), I still enjoy walking in the rain.
X--X-rays. Yeah. Life might just be rough without them.
Y--Youth Group. We have so much fun. Here's a hint, though. When you play Spoons with the teens... be prepared for craziness. haha it's so fun! :) 

Z--Zany-ness. Mm-hm.

I hope y'all have a perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving! Now I'm going to go eat a chocolate cookies with peanut-butter chips. Mm-Mm :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Well, today I got my teeth pulled. Other than the fact that I can't feel my top lip or nose, I'm doing fine :)

Thanksgiving is this week. It's hard to believe, isn't it? I have so much to be thankful for. I know that sounds cheesy--everyone says they're thankful around Thanksgiving. If you don't say you're thankful, everyone brands you as ingrate.

I really am thankful, though. And it's my goal to be thankful all year round. Because I've got so many things to be thankful for.

    The Bible.

The Cross. If Jesus hadn't died for us, there would be no way whatsoever that we could go to Heaven.

Londan. I can seriously not begin to explain how much I love this girl! She's so adorable. And I absolutely can't wait until January so I can meet Oliver!

{Pause} Right now I'm really wishing that I could feel my nose and mouth. It's getting annoying. Really annoying.

My Family.This picture was taken so long ago. Haha. We really need to take a new one.

I really enjoy playing volleyball with them.

Friends. I absolutely love having friends that I can be goofy with. Oh boy, the laughs we have.

Love. I'm very blessed--I've got a great family who loves me, and I've got some great friends who love me. Everyone loves love. Seriously, who doesn't? And I love that I'm able to love my family and friends back <3

There's tons more to be thankful for. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow :) Thanks for reading.

P.S. I updated My Dictionary! Go check it out :)
I've got really great friends. I love them all so much!
Ain't they awesome?

Craziness (It's Probably My Favorite Word)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I can't believe that I have 17,019 words for Rebel Yell! Of course, I can't take all the credit; Josh Groban helped me immensely when he made his wonderful CDs for me to write to :) Anyway, here are a few excerpts.

  “Hello, Elsie.” Elsie was surprised by finding Kurt [her cousin] in the kitchen. She sat down and Kurt poured her some coffee.
     “There’s some leftover cake in the cupboard,” said Elsie. Kurt got that down, too.
     “I’m sorry, Elsie,” he said. “You’re party was ruined.”
     “I don’t mind, Kurt. What started it?” asked Elsie.
     “Lee did. He’s changed. I’m not quite sure why. He seems confused; it’s almost as if he’s searching for something. I don’t know what, though.”
     “He’s searching for the same thing we all are—meaning. It’s easy to get confused, Kurt.” Elsie stirred her coffee.
     “You seem to know a lot for being only sixteen,” Kurt said.
     “I’ve been through a lot,” Elsie replied.
     Kurt cut himself a piece of cake. So he has noticed the change in Lee, too, Elsie though. But then, who hadn’t noticed it?  A draft of icy air was blowing in through a crack under the kitchen door. Elsie went to the kitchen stove to put some more wood on it. The smell of wood-smoke filled the air. She had always loved that smell. It reminded her of a million different things all at once.
     “I wish Lee was his old self,” Kurt said.
     Elsie glanced up. She wasn’t sure if Kurt meant to say that or not.
     Kurt laughed. “He was always the one warning me to stay out of trouble; now I’ve got to hold him back. I can’t believe he’s my older brother.” Kurt’s face was confused. “Sometimes, Elsie, I think it would be better if Lee was gone than have this new version of him walking around. That’s awful, isn’t it? Wishing my own brother to disappear.”
     Elsie didn’t say anything; she didn’t know what there was to say. It seemed like all everyone wanted was Lee. Funny, that the whole family wanted the same thing.
     “Elsie, maybe you could bring back the old Lee. You were always his favorite. He loved you more than anyone he ever knew.”
     “Kurt, that’s not true. He loved you and the others.”
     “But not as much as you. There’s no arguing, Elsie. Lee couldn’t hide it. You were his little girl—his adopted little sister. It’s something to be proud of,” Kurt said.
     “Yes, it is.”
     “I better get some sleep. I have a long trip ahead of me.” Kurt stood up and put the cake away.
     “Where are you going?” Elsie asked.
     “Lee isn’t going to want to stay after tonight. I know that much about the new person he’s become. We’ll be leaving tomorrow.”
Elsie put her locket back on and crawled into bed. Somehow, Lee had become the exact opposite of what he used to be. How could he have changed? What made him change? Was it West Point? Elsie didn’t want to believe that; Lee was strong—she had never thought that anything could shake him. But something had. What, though? It must have been something terrible; something that he didn’t have much of a choice over. She could see Lee’s smile; he was so handsome, and he was her cousin. She had learned everything from him. Lee had made Elsie who she was today, more than anyone else had. She kept her eyes closed, picturing Lee’s smile for just a second longer.
 “Someday, Lee,” she whispered, “I’m going to see the old you smile at me. You’re going to joke with me, and it will be as if you never changed. I’m still so confused over why you changed in the first place. I’ll figure it out, though. And than everything will be alright, and I’ll have you again.”  

Elsie was lying in the grass again, soaking up yet another day of warm sunshine. Earlier that day, Peter had been digging around in the attic, looking for books to read. When he emerged from the cobwebs and dust and walked into the parlor, he was carrying a large painting.
   Peter had laid it down in front of Elsie.
     “Look here,” he had said.
   It was a painting of their mother.
     Elsie had cried after the boys were gone; her mother was so beautiful, and she had died so young. Elsie closed her eyes and stroked the grass beneath her. She hoped no one would drop by; her long, wavy, hair was hanging down, and her face was tear-stained.

And since they were slightly grim (hey, the Civil War was depressing, I can't help it), I'll post something... um, less grim :)


...I was surprised at how short your letter was; maybe you would like mine to be short and sweet, too. Ginny, why is it that everyone seems to be writing short letters? During a war shouldn’t the letters be much longer? It could be because nothing is going on in our lives. Or we’re too occupied to actually write a long, understandable letter. After a while we would probably end up writing about the weather; and when you are writing about the weather, you might as well burn the letter—nothing good ever came from talking about the weather.
     Give Lee and Kurt my love. I can only imagine how good Lee looks in his gray uniform and hat. I’m not saying that Kurt isn’t handsome; but you know how girls are over Lee. There was just something about him…
     Ginny, when you get the chance, tell Kurt that I enjoyed my talk with him over Christmas; it felt like old times. Being able to talk with my cousin was refreshing. I can’t wait to sit and talk with Kurt again.
     Tell Anne, Sadie, and George that we miss and love them. Take care of yourself, Ginny.

                            P.S. My letter was short, too. We really must find a way
                             to fix this. Something exciting needs to happen. Oh well.
                                         ~Still, Elsie                       

If you actually read completely through all of those--well, you just made it on my list (my good list, by the way :P )
 Anyway, this week has been pure craziness. But as I've said before Craziness Makes Life 100% More Fun.

Yes, it's Strawberry Starbursts. I absolutely <3 them. So addictive...

Sometimes I wonder what I will do if I have to drive a Chevy ;) Actually, I'm not against driving a Chevy. Just so I can drive lol.

Roller Coasters: It's a love-hate relationship.

I cannot begin to describe how much I love these two girls!!!

Do you know that it's only 140 days until I turn 16? That gives pure craziness a whole new meaning ;) Yeah, even I think that.
I'm praying I will see this in my driveway in 140 days.

:) See y'all and thanks for reading :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Is it really her? Emerging from the notebook pages of NaNoWriMo?" Yes, it's me. And I don't write for NaNo in a notebook--I write it on the computer. That way I don't have to count all my words by hand. Or, ur, eyes :)

(NaNoWriMo is a program where you have to write 50,000 words in one month. It's pure craziness!)

I've had a wonderful week (I don't know about you). On Friday night I had an activity with my youth group. One word: Amazing! It was Smuggler, probably my favorite activity. There's just somethin' about running through the woods while being chased by adults on four-wheelers (one of them happened to be my cousin). At the end of the game, I turned traitor and helped my cousin hunt people out. Hey, what can I say, I like to ride four-wheelers! ;)

As I sit and ponder my life (which I often do), I can't help but get over the fact of how extremely blessed I am. I have amazing friends, I live in THE most beautiful place on earth (in my humble opinion) and...well, the list goes on and on and on and on....

Anyway, I'll let you know what's been going on in my life. And would any of you care to see volume 2 of "Emily's Dictionary"? Because I'm going to post it either way, heehee ;)

It snowed last week. Now, I'm the type of person who loves to have snow until January 2nd. Then I want it to all magically disappear. I'm a summer girl, you see. Warm weather is my favorite :) But when the mountain looked like a perfect winter wonderland painting--well, I just flipped out.

Yes, I'm a coffee drinker. "But it will stunt your growth!" Yeah, well the way I see it, it already has. So why stop now? It's not like I'm going to shrink. Right?

Oh my, what would life be without music?  Everyday I wake up, eat, and play the piano. As soon as school is over, I run to my room and listen to music (Josh Groban is amazing, by the way). I sing to myself, I write music...ah it's so refreshing.

Hmmm... I'm thinking over this post--and has anyone besides me noticed that I tend to be a little dramatic? Oh dear...

Star Wars
Am I becoming one of those weird Star Wars fans that are showed as geeks in movies? Maybe...

Christmas is coming! Do you know what that means?! I get to see my awesome friend, Cassandra, who is away at college! I also get to make a ton of cookies, I get to buy presents for people (getting presents is nice, too), and I get to overall enjoy myself. Haha. I also get to decorate (that's my department, because I like to decorate, and my mom doesn't). I put up the Christmas tree, and the outside lights. I usually end up breaking bulbs each year. :) I need a tall person to help me (or a ladder, so I can be tall).

That's all for now. I've got tons more to say (I always do) but I'll save that for another post :) Thanks for reading. Right now, I've got to go figure out other words for my dictionary :)