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Beginning of the End (Book 1 of my dystopian trilogy)
Genre: YA dystopian

Synopsis: 2079. America is in the beginning stages of a civil war. Sixteen year old Brynn Mason intends to carry out the family business of revolting. When she discovers that one of her fellow revolutionaries is betraying their Cause, Brynn has to root out the spy -- which means killing someone she's trusted her whole life.

Status: 2nd draft completed

Word Count: 78,314

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Out of the Ashes (Book 2 of my dystopian trilogy)
Genre: YA dystopian

Synopsis: After Brynn returns to camp without the traitor, she and the Kearney have to learn to trust each other again. The spy problem hasn't been completely resolved, though. Any moment, he could--and probably will--tell the rest of the revolution's secrets to the Government. Since waiting isn't in Brynn's DNA, she prepares to take out the spy once and for all--until he contacts her first.

Status: 1st draft in progress

Word Count: n/a

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Rebel Yell
Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: Elsie Hatton may live in Gettysburg, but her heart is still in Virginia. When her brothers join the Union army and everyone from her past joins the South, Elsie plans to not take sides. That's easier said than done. She finds herself smuggling supplies and secrets to Virginia, confident she can talk her way out if captured. She never dreamed her brother would turn her in.

Status: 1st draft complete. Waiting to be edited.

Word Count: 51,218

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Drops in the Ocean
Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: “Welcome to paradise, boys.”
That’s what the island had initially appeared to be, with its white sands and green jungles. The first time in the air went smoothly for the new pilots; the war would be over in a few months. It only took one battle for them to see the island for what it really was: The paradise soon became a hell.

Status: Currently plotting first draft

Word Count: n/a

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The Scars We Choose
Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis:      He stared at the same picture every day. Tears streamed down his face as he squeezed his eyes shut. Trying to block the flashbacks. Trying, but failing. On bad nights, he screamed into the darkness that he was giving up.
     But I'm getting ahead of myself.

After her brother's suicide, Ellie Duran thought the best way to cope would be to work with psychiatric patients at Walter Reed Medical center. Then she met Alex. His hazel eyes and PTSD bring back every horrific memory of Ellie's brother. She avoids working with him, until one night when she has to answer his call bell. She decides that maybe she can make up for failing her brother by saving Alex. But some people can't be saved.

Status: Plotting finished

                                                          Word Count: n/a


Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis: Emma Chase never expected two strange men to be waiting in her living room when she came home from work. And she never dreamed that they would claim to have information on her missing father. When these strangers ask Emma to come with them, she goes against her better judgment and trusts them. In a matter of hours, Emma learns that her father works for the CIA and that her life is in danger. She is instantly relocated with two CIA agents to keep tabs on her. What Emma doesn't know is that the CIA hasn't been completely honest with her...

Status: Writing a chapter here and there

Word Count: 6,946

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