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I don't think it's any secret that writer's are dreamers. Helllooo, that's one of the main reasons we're writers. Am I right?

Anywho, I have this problem. Well, maybe it's not a real problem. But it sure is problematic. I can't stop coming up with story ideas. That's great, I guess. It would be terrible if I wanted to write but had nothing to write about. My dilemma, however, is that I want to write a million (and counting) different things. Where is the time?? Will I ever be able to write these novel before I die?? I've accepted that I will just have to write until I'm 99. Oh well.

This post is dedicated to you other writerlings out there -- especially the ones who have more and more writing projects piling up. Here is a list of my top stories that I must write (otherwise I'll go crazy crazier. and we don't want that.)

Prequel to Beginning of the End. In Beginning of the End, both of my main character's parents were murdered, She struggles with this through out the book, so I started writing a short story from her father's point of view. Not only did it help, but a good plot fell out of the sky. Once I finish my trilogy, the prequel will definitely be written.

Revolutionary War. Confession time: I am a total history buff. While my two favorite time periods to write about are the Civil war and WWII, I enjoy all historical fiction. I don't have a plot, but I do have a few ideas.

from my 1920's pinterest board
World War novels. I'm in the process of plotting a WWII novel set in the Pacific. Besides that story, I want to write a story about Pearl Harbor (I started one when I was 13 or 14), WWII on the German front and a WWI novel.

Memoir thing. This story probably won't be written for a long time. My friends have been a huge encouragement with this project (probably because it's their story, too). Not to brag or anything, but my childhood was amazing--I need to capture it.

Mystery. Another old project that I want to finish. This one involves unexpected trips to big cities, stilettos, and muuurderrr. I love reading mysteries, but writing them is hard for me. So this will be an interesting project.

Titanic. One of my old writing goals was to write a story about the Titanic that ended semi-happily (yes. I'm that person). My story ideas have changed tremendously since then, but the main plot is basically the same.

1920's. Speakeasies. Flappers. Pinstripe suits. All things that I adore. Add in Al Capone and a blood feud -- and I'm all set to write a fun thriller.

Mob. I've always been fascinated by the mob. The Family. Call it what you will. A few years back, I read a book written by an ex-mobster and became even more intrigued. I have no plot whatsoever and I only have about one or two ideas. There is lots of research to be done before I can even start planning. But this will happen.
Today Was A Fairytale pinterest board

Retellings. I'm not sure if I would even publish them, but I'd like to try some retellings. Especially one about Peter Pan. That, my friends, would be amazing.

Today was a Fairytale. Yes, the title was stolen from the Taylor Swift song (I'll probably end up changing it). This is a sappy story that I'm not going to be ashamed of because hello it's a fairytale and if you pick up this story, you're signing up for an ooey-gooey fairytale.

Forever Love. A YA contemporary novel that a started a few years ago but stopped writing. I recently got it out to read and decided that I need to keep writing it, because it's one of those fun-to-write stories (not that other stories aren't fun. it's just that this story is meant to be a fun write. if that makes sense...)

Psychological. The story of a soldier returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder. I'll need to do a lot more research on the disorder and I still have to come up with a plot.

What are the worlds you long to create? I'd love to hear about them, whether it's in the comments or your own post!


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  1. Oh girl, I feel your pain. I have a document on my computer titled BRAINSTORM where I slap away all my bits of inspirations and story ideas. Those stories HAUNT ME sometimes. They wake me up at night and demand to know why I've been slacking. Why haven't I been giving them the voice they deserve? This was a great idea for a post, I may have to try it for myself sometime soon.

    1. Yes, I know allll about having a document for brainstorming. I have so many story ideas jotted down everywhere, I'm sure that I've forgotten about some...

      Make sure to stop by and let me know if you do a post like this one!


  2. These sound so awesome and so you!! <3

    I can so relate to attempting mysteries! They're so fun to read but so hard to write! I fail every time. XD

    1920's! What a great decade, that would be a fun time setting to write a story in!

    All these sound interesting! Good luck trying to get them all written! ;)


    1. Oh good -- I'm glad I'm not the only with mystery-writing problems.

      Everything about the 1920's fascinates me. I can't wait to start writing that one!! :D

      Thank you, Jamie!! I need all the luck I can get when it comes to writing these :p


  3. You have some great ideas! It's funny how people are different - I enjoy writing but struggle to come up with ideas. Perhaps I just don't use my imagination enough.

    Anyway, I only found your blog recently, and I've enjoyed reading through your posts and pages. I'll definitely be back. :)

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot :)



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