Why I Love the Writing Community

8:45 PM

I've been blogging since 2009. It started out as nothing more than your stereotypical teen girl's blog--I was insanely random (even more than now) and my writing was less then polished. The more I practiced, though, the better I became. It took a lot of time and I still have a long way to go, but every now and then I write something that I think is good (compared to my always-cringe-worthy writing of yesteryear). 

sounds like me

One thing helped my writing journey more than anything. And that very simple thing was the writing community.

When I first discovered writing blogs, I was so encouraged by the advice other teen writers would give. I still love to find writing blogs and read the works of other aspiring writers. Something about it makes me happy. It's neat to meet other writers and see their perspective. I don't know about you, but sometimes it's hard to get "normal people" (because let's face it, writer's aren't normal) to understand. They don't understand the excitement when we get a new story idea. They don't understand how connected we are to our characters.

therefore, I am not sane

That's why the writing community is one of my favorite things about blogging. For the most part, we help and encourage each other. We know the struggles of writing. We give feedback. I firmly believe that writers need to connect with other writers.

So I want to challenge you. 

Be an encouragement to other writers. And don't be afraid to be an outspoken writer. I am challenging myself to do one writerly post a week ('writerly' is a word, right?). Join me and link up. Spread the word. Writer's need other writers to celebrate and commiserate with. You never now how a simple post could encourage new and long-time writers alike. I'm so thankful for the writing community that I stumbled onto--because I'm not sure that I would be the writer I am today without it.

Because alliteration is fun.

Has the writing community helped your journey as a writer? Why has it helped/not helped?


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  1. Yes! I am new to the writing community. But I need you all so much. Blogging has been a huge encouragement to me this year as I continue to edit my first novel. Also, without the blogging community I never would have made it through NaNoWriMo this past November.

    I am looking forward to your writerly posts. Shakespeare made up his own words, so I suppose you can too : )

    1. I'm glad that blogging helped you through NaNo! Us writers all need to stick together :)

      Thanks :) I figure that the world needs people to invent words, so I might as well.


  2. I sent in a comment a couple days ago but it looks like you didn't get it. :( But anyway, I"m here so say, I'm so in! I'll try to link up when possible! :D I'm so glad the writing community has really helped you! <3


    1. No, I didn't get your comment. That's strange :(

      Thanks for taking up the challenge, Jamie!


  3. I most definitely would not be the writer I am today without the online writing community. I think to a lot of people that sounds cheesy, but it is actually true. I would never have been encouraged to finish my first novel or begin to edit it if it wasn't for so many other teen writers that I've met, and encouraging blog posts I've read. I also wouldn't know much about the publishing industry if it weren't for writing blogs. I can't wait to read your upcoming writing posts!


Thanks for taking the time to comment--I read each one :)

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