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It's funny how perfectly you can picture your characters in your head. Sometimes you can see them so clearly that you have to remind yourself, 'Okay, this person is not real'. I used to try to draw my characters, but unfortunately, I am not a born artist (ask my family and friends. they make fun of my drawings). Instead, I started searching the internet for pictures (bless you, pinterest!). And now I have faces for my characters. Or at least, similar faces. There are one or two characters that I just can't find. Oh well.

One of my favorite tips on writing says to write each side character like they believe the novel is about them. So I decided to develop all my characters as much as I did my main character. The past few days, I've been working on writing a backstory for each important character in Beginning of the End (you can read about it here) and it has helped me so much. Certain characters now have motives for their actions, and a huge plot twist just fell into my lap. It's one of those plot twists that you really hate because it will throw everything into chaos, but boy oh boy it's so exciting too!

Character development is probably my favorite part of writing. It's kind of an acceptable version of imaginary friends. There's something about mapping out a life story and giving quirks to a character. I'm not sure what that something is--there has to be a name for it--but I'm sure all you fellow writer's know what I'm talking about (or it's very possible that I could simply be crazy).

Chrissy costanza
Brynn Mason
It wasn't an easy life, being raised by two teenage boys who knew nothing about little girls. But Brynn managed. She is now independent and stubborn, confident and proud. What she doesn't let people know is that she's a wreck inside. Beneath her composure is a girl who wants a taste of a normal life, a girl who gets sick when she sees the aftermath of a battle. She's torn when she discovers that there's a spy in camp; part of her wants to forget about it, the other part wants to rip out the traitor's heart.

Riley Kale
Erik started training with Riley as soon as he was old enough to hold a gun. Now Riley is the best fighter that the revolution has. Most people mistake his quiet solitude for arrogance, but inside he is a whirlwind of deep emotions and thoughts. Riley's initial reaction to the spy is denial--until more and more information is leaked to the enemy. Then he is unforgiving.


Erik Masterson
Left alone to raise his two young cousins and lead a rebellion, Erik was initially overwhelmed. Years later, Erik is leading the rebellion into victory after victory. His most constant battle is with his cousin, Brynn. He soon regrets teaching her everything about fighting, though he can't help being proud of her talent. Discovering a spy in camp is Erik's worst nightmare, and the worst possible thing that can happen to the revolution.


Vince Mason
Vince's childhood dream was to grow up and join the rebellion against the government that killed his parents. Once he was old enough to fight, Vince gathered the best fighters and most intelligent minds in camp to form a special operations team--named The Kearney, after his father. His brainchild is now the best weapon of the revolution. He has a hard time believing that one of his men is a traitor and just tries to push it from his mind.

Colton Haynes (model / actor; 'Teen Wolf' & 'Arrow') in Abercrombie & Fitch, SPRING 2014, profile | Photography by Bruce Weber | The Sitch on Fitch | http://anfnewsnow.blogspot.com/2014/01/abercrombie-fitch-spring-2014-profiles.html

Maverick Adams
With a back story similar to Brynn's, Maverick was raised by his aunt after a bomb blast left him an orphan. He practiced fighting until he was noticed by Vince and recruited for the Kearney. Maverick is constantly annoyed by Brynn's superior attitude and enjoys getting on Brynn's nerves because of it. He gets over the friction with Brynn when he finds out about the spy; both want to see the traitor burn.

Seth Bowen
Seth was one of the shortest kids. Then puberty came--and he got big. His strength and fighting skills soon got him recruited into the Kearney. Seth is known for his intelligence, and is constantly coming up with new weapons and technology. He's known as a clown, thanks to his penchant for playing pranks. Always the optimist, Seth tries to keep everyone's mind off the traitor. It doesn't work.

Is there anything special that you do for character development?


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  1. Your paragraphs on each character are splendidly written!! This past NaNo I used anime characters to represent my characters and nearly all of them turned out to be incredibly helpful (and well-cast, might I add?! :P) Nice post!


    1. Thank you, that means a lot!

      That's a really good idea. I never even thought of doing that!


  2. I had never heard that tip before, but it makes sense. I absolutely love working on characters, to me it is one of the most exciting pats of writing. However, I still feel like a beginner at character development. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I got the idea from another blogger a few years ago, and ever since then I've been using the idea.

      There's a lot to learn with character development. I just realized the other day that my villain had no motive whatsoever... So I had to go back to the drawing board with that one!



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