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It all started when I wanted to write a book about a girl who had been separated from her family in a war. Problem was, I wanted the story to take place in America in modern times. So I decided to set my story in the future. And I really liked how the story was going. Then I completely forgot about it.

 I know, I have problems.

Not long after, I read a book about a bunch of Saxons 'rebels' fighting against the Romans in early England. After I finished the book and fangirled over it for a couple of days (because that's how I roll), I decided that I wanted to write a story about rebels--because obviously rebels are exciting.

So I started to write. And things went horribly wrong. I had no plot. My big ideas were all based off the book I had just read. That meant one thing--I had to sit down and brainstorm. It didn't take long for me to remember my old story that I had started about the girl who was separated from her family. All my original ideas flooded my head again.

And inspiration came in waves.

That, my friends, was how Beginning of the End came into being.

Now, years later (since 2012 at least... quite honestly, I've lost count...) Beginning of the End is finished and is in the editing stage. This story has twisted so far from what I originally imagined. Characters have come, gone, turned from good to bad & bad to good... One thing I have learned from this story is that nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to writing.

But enough of my writing revelations.

Beginning of the End takes place in the future and tells the story of a society that gets lazy and gives up their rights to the government. The country's leader takes advantage of this new power and uses the government as a weapon to get what he wants, instead of a tool to protect the country. Not many people know what is going on and those who do know either don't care, or are too scared to do anything, until a young teenager named Peter comes along and gathers a group of people who are willing to do what it takes to get their freedom back. These revolutionaries are brushed off as young rebels who won't amount to anything.

Unfortunately for the government, these 'rebels' mean business. People keep joining the fight for freedom. The president--who is really just a dictator--decides that the best way to put out the fire is to kill Peter-- who is now in his twenties with a young wife and baby. But killing the leader of the rebellion doesn't kill the spirit of rebellion. Peter's teenage nephew takes control of the Rebels--and Peter's orphaned baby daughter.

Flash forward 16 years to 2079. Peter's daughter, Brynn, is now sixteen years old and ready to fight against the government that made her an orphan. She joins the special ops team and puts her whole self into the rebellion, hoping to get revenge in the process. Then, she discovers that there's a spy in camp...

And that's all I'm going say.

This story is more than a story to me. It's still needs smoothed out in different areas. Some days I read over my writing and think, 'This is horrible! Why do I write such junk!?' Then I sulk around and feel bad for myself. But I always come back to this novel because beneath the clunky sentences and plot holes, I see potential in this idea. And I intend to polish this book until I feel like it's actually good. Quite honestly, I'd really like to see at least 1 person fangirl over my story. Is there anything wrong with wanting that? 

I was on a inspiration high, editing every chance I got, even letting my cousin read it (who is now my writing buddy--I'm so proud of him!). But I put writing on the back burner for a little, thanks to a show called Once Upon a Time. That, however is a whole other post. Seriously, though, it is one of the best shows ever. and I love Hook.... okay, time to stop fangirling.  Now my plan is to get back into writing and start preparing for NaNoWriMo (that's right, I'm going to do it this year. or at least attempt to do it). I think I may do the sequel for Beginning of the End. Or maybe I'll do some random idea that pops into my head at the last minute. You never know with me.

How's your writing going?


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  1. Wow, what a wonderful story about how you started this novel! I'm so glad you've gotten it all written and it's in the editing stages; that feels so good when we get a book in that stage! Really happy for you, Emily!


  2. Hi, am a random person who just found your blog. Reading this post has inspired me to keep going on a novel I am currently writing. (And as far as someone fangirling over your story, I think it sounds quite interesting!) I have heard about NaNoWriMo so often, but don't really know much about it. When does it start and what exactly is it?

    1. Hi there!! I'm happy that this post inspired you! And I'm glad that my novel sounds interesting--I always wonder if my ideas are lame or not :)

      NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It's challenge to write a 50,000 words novel starting November 1st and ending November 30. It's kind of stressful, but it is really motivating--so I like it :) They have a website if you want to check it out.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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