NaNo Eve

11:13 PM

'Twas the night before NaNo and all through the house
My family was being annoyed by the click of my mouse.
My fingers were flying 'cross my keyboard with ease
And I was loading up on plenty of caffeine.

So tomorrow is NaNo. And I'm really excited, but also nervous. I stayed up outlining until one o'clock last night. My novel seems so much clearer now--meaning I actually know how it is going to end (and how I'm getting to the end.) I must admit though: part of my outlining was due to the fact that I just like to make lists and scribble on paper. 

I'm all stocked up on coffee for the opening weekend (I highly doubt it will last all weekend...), and I have my novel soundtrack all lined up. For once, I'm prepared to write my novel. All my plans will probably come smashing to the ground and I'll hate my original ideas after I finish writing my first chapter. It happens. I'll just go with the flow and see where the story takes me. 

The more I plan my novel, the more I fall in love with my characters. They really came to life this past week. I think all you other writers out there will understand; these characters of mine are so real. They are dear friends of mine, and I love spending time with them. That's why I have to write their story.

So here's to the coming month. I have a feeling that it's going to be a good month of writing and that things will go smoothly (I've been wrong before, but I'm choose to think positive). Pour your heart into your story--it won't be told unless you tell it. May the writing odds be ever in your favor, my friends.


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  1. Good luck! I'm doing it too! (IT STARTS IN LESS THAN IN HOUR HOLY HECK!) and I'm so nervous and excited and I need coffee. lol. Its going to be a great month.

  2. The fun has begun! This is my first time doing NaNoWriMo, so I'm super excited. I read about your story in the beautiful books linkup and it sounds fascinating. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!

  3. I love your confidence, Emily! Confidence in your work and yourself!!! Can't wait to cheer each other on, this month!



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