Just One of Those Days

10:05 AM

I haven't walked in a snowy park since .. Maybe high school .. I think it's on my bucket list.. Every one should visit the past at least one time..

Irish breakfast tea. Snow. A warm blanket. It's just one of those cozy, lazy snow days. I have iTunes radio set to play 40's music, and I plan to do some serious writing later on.

Despite all the snow--or maybe because of the snow--I'm anxious for spring to come. Spring, with it's warm weather and bright sunshine. But most of all, I'm excited for my voice recital. I think that I'll probably be singing a song from the 20's (I really like old music, in case you haven't noticed...)--it's pretty exciting.

As for writing, I let it go for a while, but now I'm back into the swing of things. My second draft of Beginning of the End is still a bit rough, but it is definitely better than the first draft. I still hold the opinion that editing is terrible, though.

Apart from working on Beginning of the End and editing my Civil War novel off and on, I'd like to start a World War 2 novel. I've always wanted to write a novel in that era, but kept putting it off. So that is one of my goals for this year--to start researching the war and at least outline a WW2 novel.

Now the snow is starting to come down fast in big flakes, and it's time to say goodbye. I have a research paper to write before I can do the fun type of writing. And I need to have some coffee before I even attempt to do a research paper.

So until next time,

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