5:36 PM

This year's 2014 post is going to be a bit rushed because I leave for Haiti in a few hours. So just bear with me :)

I debated over what I want my word for 2014 to be--I still am. But I'm thinking it might be Adventure. Or Soar. 

See, I'm starting my year off with an adventure (my mission trip), so I think that adventure is  a fitting word. Eventually, I'll have a proper New Year post with my one word and my resolutions. But right now, my mind is a bit preoccupied with my trip. I'm so excited--strangely enough, I'm not too nervous, even though I have never flown before. It should be a good week, and I pray that God will use me for His glory while I'm there.

Until I get back (and after I get back), have a great new year!


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