8:52 AM

I am thankful for....

a roof over my head

the heat from burning wood & the smell of wood smoke

haunting music

savory food

family that is not just my family, but are my best friends

bests friends who aren't just best friends, but are now family

flannel pajamas

a car (with a sun roof)

my Les Mis cd

coffee ('nuff said)



little kids & babies

woods & cornfields & backroads

my amazing teacher at college

my classmates at college & that I love what I'm doing

the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti

Doctors & people who study medicine

friends who completely understand me & who I can be myself around

my wonderful church family

fuzzy socks & comfy sweatshirts

reading glasses

being able to stream tv through the internet

hot chocolate on cold days

Christmas music & Christmas in general

Thanksgiving & all the food that goes along with it

family that lives close by

dancing & singing with my brother and sister

being able to quote movies & tv with my brother (*ahem* Duck Dynasty & Elf...)

that I am going to see Catching Fire with my friends next Saturday

that God has answered so many prayers

that Jesus came & died on the cross for my sins.

I want to remember to be thankful all the time. Not just around Thanksgiving.


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