8:29 PM

Because sometimes it's nice to just sit back and remember--
We had a splendid childhood.
There were times when we got annoyed with each other;
But they were outnumbered by the good times.
Like when I would laugh so hard that I started to wheeze & and my ribs hurt.

Because not everyone finds a person who understands them--
You never let on that you got tired of listening to my dreams.
I rambled on about my fears.
Then I would apologize for bothering you.
But you always smiled & said 'that is why I love you'.

Because I was able to be myself around you--
There were times I when I chose not to talk.
You were the same way; we were comfortable in our silence.
Then without warning, I would burst into my loud, hyper, insanity.
And you didn't judge me for it.

Because there will never be anyone like you--
Not in a million years.
There will be people who walk into my life and stay there.
I will love them and form a strong relationship with them.
But know right now--there will never be a person who could replace you.

{Missing my best friend right now. But I get to see her next week!! }
xoxo, Emily

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