The Curly-Haired Girl

11:21 AM

I think that this post is long overdue. Sometimes, I wait painfully long to say things that need to be spoken. I guess it's a bad habit of mine. Maybe it's because I feel like my words will never come close to expressing what I want to say (they never do). But I figure that if I write them down, it will come a little closer--because I have learned that I express myself better through writing than speaking.

Here it goes....

Ten years ago this fall, I met a girl. She had dark curly hair--some of the curliest hair I had ever seen (now I know that her hair is a beast that cannot be tamed--her words, not mine). We never spoke for the longest time because I was the new kid at church and I felt so out of place, almost like an intruder.

Months passed. I'm not really sure how things came together, but I remember standing in line after children's
church one day (to get a cookie) and the curly-haired girl was behind me. Somehow we found out that we
shared the same birthday (April 5th), and we started to talk. That was where it all began.

It didn't take long for the two of us to become best friends. In fact, it seems to me that all of a sudden, BAM!! we were best friends. We had so much in common, and yet we were completely different. We decided to come up with a secret code, so we could pass notes and no one would know what they said. We got each other birthday presents. Once we bought matching outfits. Soon, nobody at church saw one of us without seeing the other--everyone said we were inseparable, joined at the hip.  

Years have passed and our friendship has only grown stronger. We still have a ton of things in common, and yet we are still as different as night and day. The curly-haired girl is just like a sister to me. We can talk about anything. We are so goofy together, but we can also be serious--those are my favorite types of relationships. I love that I can be myself around her, that I know she understands, that she loves me. She is one of those friends who will listen, who will laugh at me when I fall (but also get me a band-aid), who will fangirl with me, who lets me steal her food (usually), who I can tell my dreams to. She is a strong Christian, an amazing violinist, and a good speaker. The curly-haired girl is one of my favorite people.

Last week, I had to say goodbye to the curly-haired girl. I'll admit that it was hard. I told myself that I was absolutely not going to cry--but that didn't help too much. The curly-haired girl went off to college. I always knew it would happen, but it came so fast. I wish I could go back to the two ten year-old girls who went camping together and it rained the whole weekend, so they stayed inside the camper and watched movies while eating muddie-buddies. But I would still do everything over again. Yes, I miss my friend like crazy. Yes, it is insanely strange not to see her at church every Sunday, not to have her sit next to me, not to be able to run up and watch her face as I tell her my latest news.

We all have to grow up, though. It's something that has to happen. What's nice is that I'm not alone in growing up; the curly-haired girl and I are still best friends--we have been texting non-stop since she left and we plan on writing letters. But even if we wouldn't stay in contact, we would still be friends. The curly-haired girl--my best friend, Sarah--is in my heart, and I know that I'm in her heart (she told me so). I'm just glad that I have had the pleasure of being her best friend for the past ten years--because, if I had to grow up with someone, I wanted it to be her.


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  1. AWWWWWWWWW, this was so sweet, and so sad, but so sweet! :) It's so awesome you've and your friend have been able to be together for so long! And the pictures look great! :)



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