Fun (But Mostly Random) Facts

12:33 PM

~I love to go barefoot and feel the grass in between my toes.

~Sometimes (most of the time...) I wish (and pretend) that my life was a musical

~I will probably go deaf, because I play my music very loud.

~My favorite food EVER is pulled pork BBQ sandwiches 

~Dancing is super fun. I dance around the house and annoy my brother.

~I slip Les Mis songs into normal conversation (example: on Monday, my church got together to paint some sets for Bible school... someone said that something needed to be painted red and black.... and I promptly burst into song--"Red! The blood of angry men! Black! The dark of ages past!")

~Apparently, I look like I'm 13... even though I'm 17 (I was told this while painting with my church...)

~I love Mtn. Dew..... It makes me really hyper, though. 

~I'm quiet until you get to know me/until I feel comfortable around you. And then I go crazy you will realize just how crazy I am. Ask my friends and family.

~I just discovered Duck Dynasty. 'Nuff said.

~My best friend pointed out that we are the minions in Despicable Me when we are together. And she is right.

~I make a lot of funny faces. I honestly have no idea why. But I just realized that I've made faces like these about twenty times just in the time that I've been writing this post.....

jenifer lawrence funny faces. LOL her faces are hilarious @Teagan Suminski Wilson
Queen of Derp strikes again

~Another thing I just realized.... My friends and I are the biggest conspirators on the face of the earth. It's a little scary.

~I am in a major cooking/baking mood right now. 

~{Follow up to the last fact} My appetite is also very big at the moment.

~I love food.

~Right now, I feel so different from who I was a few years ago. I guess that's called growing up. It's kind of cool. 

~I'm in love with life. But I've said that before :)

~It keeps hitting me like a punch in the gut (but a good punch) how amazing my family and friends are. I really love them. 

~I am ridiculously happy.

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. I LOVE posts like these, they're so fun and random!

    I too LOVE bbq pork sandwhiches, and I also feel a lot different because I'm growing up and it's cool but weird at the same time. :P


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

      Yes, they are the best food ever (in my opinion, at least)!


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