4th of July

7:00 AM

My 4th of July was pretty great. The celebrations actually started on Wednesday night, which is when my hometown puts on their fireworks. My brother thinks this year's display was one of the best. I'm still not sure if I agree--but I will admit that the grand finale was pretty darn cool :)

After the fireworks, I slept over at my aunt's. We woke up insanely early and headed to a craft show (which was actually a lot like a fair in some ways...) and set up a table to sell Haitian bracelets. The bracelets are made in Haiti by Haitians, and a percentage of the money goes to the person who made the bracelet--it helps the Haitian mothers earn money so they don't have to put their children up for adoption. The other percentage of the money went towards our missions trip. It was really fun to get to know the other people on the team--I had a really awesome time. I also tried a deep-fried Oreo. Words cannot explain what they are like. If you haven't ever had a deep-fried Oreo, do yourself a huge favor and get one. Right now. Right. Now. It is basically an Oreo inside a funnel-cake. Yes. Eat one. Now.

After the craft show, I went back home and jumped in my pool (because it was a pretty hot 4th of July, and sitting on a black street didn't help cool me down. My shoulders look like tomatoes...). Then, my family went to my grandparent's house and we had a picnic. Fried chicken, 3-bean salad (a personal favorite... I could eat it till the cows come home... and even after they come home), Coke (you don't get more American than Coca-Cola), watermelon, and the best whoopie-pie I've ever had were on the menu. 

It was a pretty good day.

How was your Independence Day?


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  1. Deep friend oreos?! I have never heard of it before! WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! :P Your fourth sounds like it was fun and busy!

    The mega church near our neighborhood did their fireworks on Wednesday, too, so we saw fireworks at the same time! LOL Me and my siblings and my mom actually went up the hill that night and swam in the neighbors pool and then watched the fireworks on their porch. It was an amazing view! And then we did absolutely nothing on the actual fourth. Like, nothing. I didn't even write. So, Wednesday was kinda my Independence Day. :P


    1. Haha yes TRY SOME!

      Yeah, it always seems like the 3rd of July is more of an Independence day for me, too. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D


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