This Summer...

3:13 PM

This summer, I want to do something crazy.

I  want to be fearless.

I want to try a new food.

I want to go to a drive-in movie.

I want to....

Camp out in the back yard with some good friends.

Spend a day at an amusement park with good friends.

Spend nearly every day in the pool.

Finish picking songs for my band's CD (yay!)

Work on a music video with my friends.

Start the second book in my Rebel trilogy.

Spend more time outside and less time with technology.

Read. All the time.

Do something really fun and big with my dear friend Cassandra before she goes back to college.

Let go of a floating lantern.

Make a tie-dye shirt :D

Diligently work on my piano and voice.

Take a ton of pictures.
Yet, don't be so busy capturing moments that I miss out on truly enjoying and living in the moment.

Buy this song. Because I absolutely LOVE IT.

Spend a bunch of time with my siblings and cousins, who also happen to be my best friends ON EARTH.

Be fearless.
Or at least learn to not let fear control me.

Don't waste the summer. Do something big, something important. Something big for God.

And most importantly....

I want to grow in Jesus.

What's your summer bucket list? I'm sure mine will grow.

xoxo, Emily

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  1. I just love your bucket list; I so wish we lived closer to each other, we would have such a blast!


    1. I know, I wish we did too! It would be so fun! :D


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