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8:12 PM

I've been trying to really work hard on my Rebel series--which includes pinning a bunch of things to my Rebel inspiration board on Pinterest (feel free to check it out here). I'm in major writing mode, people.

Also : I'm sorry that I haven't posted in forever--I turned 17 last week (yay!!). I got a bunch of cool stuff, like the Les Mis movie :) And I also bought an ipod touch with my birthday money. So I'm a happy camper :)

I'm enjoying writing this series. So much. And Pinterest really comes in handy for gathering all my inspiration and story-planning together (it can also be a good place to procrastinate). 

How have you been?

xoxo, Emily

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  1. Happy Birthday, you are the second blogger I know who just turned seventeen!!! It's a super great age, I really loved being seventeen! :)

    I'm glad your story is coming along great; I really slacked off this past week with my writing, I need to give myself a good shake and try to jump back into it this week. :)

    I really like the pictures, all together they give a great atmosphere!!!


    1. Thank you! Haha 17 has been a good age so far! :)

      For some reason, I've been getting a lot of writing inspiration and motivation--until I actually sit down in front of my computer or a piece of paper. Sometimes writing really stinks :/ lol

      Thanks! :)


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