Tag--And an Important Writing Question

8:00 AM

1. Early bird or night owl?

Night owl. 

2. Floss your teeth?

I should probably do that more often...

2. Favorite meal?

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love food. A lot. Picking one favorite meal is impossible.

3. Favorite drink?

Sweet Iced Tea :)

4. Pizza or Chinese?

Can't choose... Pizza is nice but so is Chinese....

5. Favorite sport?


6. Any pets?

I had a fish once. But my mother accidentally killed it. The poor fish didn't have a name.

7. What you were doing an hour ago?

I was on the computer

8. What will you be doing tomorrow?

9. Where do you work?

I don't have a job. 

10. Job downsides?

Um, I just said I don't have a job :p

11. Dream career?

Stay at home mom.

12. Special hobbies?

I'm a writer and musician. Whenever I have free time, I'm either writing songs or writing novels.

13. Car color?

White. Although right now, it's brown--there is a lot of mud of it.

14. Dream house?

Hmmm... A two story house with a big yard. I really like to have woods near the house. And I like it to be out in the country. 

15. Number of children?

4 or 6. It really depends on what my future husband wants, though.

16. Dream Vacation?

Ireland. Followed by Britain.

17. Places you have lived?

I've always lived in the same place. The US :D

18. Favorite book?
Other than the Bible... I honestly can't choose. There are too many. haha. For the past few weeks, my favorite book has been Les Mis. 

19. Favorite movie?
What is with all the hard questions??!! Hahaha ;) I suppose Downton Abbey doesn't count as a movie, so... :P It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie of all time (my favorite tv show is Downton, of course!)

20. Last person you talked with?

My momma :) Apparently I need to fix my hair. hehe

21. Last item you bought?
Oh, wow. I don't know.

22. Would you kill anyone?

Not unless is was in self defense (killing off characters in stories doesn't count.... I do that all the time)

23. How long would you choose to live?

God is in control of my life, so it isn't up to me. I'd like to live a fairly long life, though.

24. Have you ever had a crush?

Yeah, I think everyone has.

25. Are you thinking about someone now?


And... I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this :)

xoxo, Emily

P.S. In my one novel that I'm editing, I realized that there is a lot of backstory that needs to be told. So, I'm trying to decide if I should show some of my main character's past through flashbacks, OR just write the book in two parts. Which would you enjoy reading more--flashbacks or a 2-part story?? If you could give my some advice know, I would be forever grateful!! :)

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  1. Fun tag!

    Now, as to your writing question....

    I'm going to write my story into two parts because of necessity of backstory, but I did realize something a couple weeks ago. What I thought was backstory was really MORE then just backstory. It was actually a part of the story. A part that needed to be there to give the right level of depth to the rest of the story. And that's why I opted for a two part story then for a single part with a longe prolouge. So, I think it just depends on what kind of backstory it is and how important it is.

    I do like flashbacks though; they are always fun when everything ties together in the end.

    Sorry, I don't think that ramble was very helpful, but it was at the tip of my tongue, so I said it! Hope you figure out everything with too much frustration.


    1. Thank you! That really helped a lot!! :)


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