One Day

9:00 AM

One day, I want to travel the world. I want to visit all the places that I read about.

I'll admit it: I have the wanderlust. I want to see the world.It doesn't matter how I get there, or even when (although, the sooner the better)--just so long as I get there. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my beautiful hometown and I'm content to live here for the rest of my life (although living in Ireland would be pretty cool). I just want to see the world and all the people living in it. Then I'll be content to come home and live out the rest of my life in the place I love most with the people I love most.

So yes, I love my home. But I my feet still long to get up and roam, to walk where big historical figures walked--where great authors and artists walked.

I dream of seeing this beautiful world. And after I see the world, I want to write about it--along with all the adventures I had in it.

More than any other place, though--I want to visit Europe. More specifically....

Ireland--and Great Britain. If I only ever travel to those two countries, I'll be happy.

Do you have the Wanderlust? Where do you want to travel to and why?

xoxo, Emily

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