8:27 PM

2013. A new year. I can't believe it's here. But I love it. Letting go of 2012 wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Is that a good sign??

The year actually didn't start off too well. I was got sick at exactly midnight on new year's eve--when 2013 came in. New year's day was spent on the couch feeling miserable. But I'm better now, thank goodness, and I'm ready to start the new year.

I have so many plans for this year. I want to learn to really focus on my piano, learn to play guitar, edit my finished novels... And most importantly, I want to show Christ's love in all I do and say. I want to be always be a friend, to be a better daughter and sister. I want to look back on 2013 and say, "Yep. That was a good year. I have no regrets."

I want this year to be an adventure.

Yes, a big adventure.

xoxo, Emily

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  1. I was sick through the New Year too and this cold is still dragging on! Grrrr I wish it would go away!

    I'm looking forward to 2013 but it sounds so weird! Hopefully the year itself won't be weird! Lol!


    1. Yes, hopefully it won't be weird! haha


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