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At first, I thought, "okay, nothing big happened in 2012. It was just another year."
But it wasn't.
2012 held so many things for me. I feel like I really grew this year--like I know who I am and what I want to do. Don't get me wrong--I still have a lot to learn, still have a lot of growing up to do. But this year, I can see a big change in myself. I'm so much more confident than I used to be. Best of all, though, I feel like I'm closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ. 
And I love that.

And I've done so much this year--so much has happened. My grandparents got a puppy. I had my Sweet 16, got a car(!!!!) and learned to drive.  

I've read amazing books that I know I will remember (and quote) forever. Books that have changed my outlook on life. Books that made me think.

I enjoyed the summer. I probably had one too many Cokes. 
I discovered Downton Abbey and fell in love with it. 
I discovered One Direction.
And I also discovered that I love guys with Irish accents.
Moving on...

I saw the most spectacular firework display that I've EVER seen in my sixteen years of life. 

I realized what amazing friends I have--I realized that they aren't just friends. 
They are family. 

My aunt decided to adopt a baby girl from Haiti. The adoption is still going through, and I don't know who my cousin is. But I love her already. I can't wait to meet her. 
2013 is going to be one of THE BEST years of my life.
I love you so much, Cara!

One of my New Year resolutions for 2012 was completed--I promised myself & two of my best friends that I would sing with them sometime. And in September, I did. 
It's still a little unclear to me how in the world I did it. But it was amazing.
My love of music has grown, too. I can't keep from writing songs, from singing, from playing the piano. 
I can't imagine life without music.

One of the biggest miracles of 2012 was the birth of my cousin's baby Oliver. I'm so thankful for him. He is seriously the most adorable little boy. I love him so much.

For the first time, I wrote a book that I actually felt happy with--and still feel happy about it months later. Sure, it needs a lot of work. But I feel differently about this book (Beginning of the End) than I feel about my other books. And I think that's a good sign.

I have no idea what 2013 holds. Part of me worries that it will be a terrible year, that it won't be as good as the last year of my life. 
But I've worried that for the past 16 New Years.
And you know what?
Each year... Life gets better.
I'm sad to say goodbye to 2012. It has so many wonderful memories. But there are thousands, maybe millions of memories for 2013, too--I just haven't made them yet. 
So goodbye 2012. You've been a good friend. I've learned so much, and I'm sad to see you go. I'll never forget you.

Helllloo 2013.
I'm pleased to meet you.

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