Happy Thanksgiving

10:57 AM

An Anthology of Thanks | Hannah NicoleHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm off to spend the day with my wonderful family (and eat some turkey :D) Before I do, though, I wanted to take some time to make a list of things I'm thankful for. So, I'm going to link up to Hannah's A to Z anthology of thanks.

a--apple sauce. the super-sugary kind
b--brand new Christmas cds for me to listen to
c--cousins. some of my best friends in the world
d--driver's permit. yes, I've been waiting so long to have it
e--evenings spent with my family
f--favorite sweatshirts
g--godly friends who I can be myself with
h--hot chocolate. sprinkled with cinnamon
i--icicles. the long kind that sparkle in the light
j--Jesus. I'm so thankful that He came to die on the cross for my sins
k--keeping in touch with my cousins. 
l--laughter. the kind that makes your sides hurt
m--making new friends
n--nice people who make you feel at home
o--opening a letter from a good friend that moved away
p--photo albums. looking at how everyone has changed
q--quiet afternoons in the woods
r--reading through old original songs with my band
s--spending a whole saturday in the mall trying on dresses with friends
t--teachers who see all that you can be (thanks, momma)
u--understanding math more than I did (or at least feeling like I do)
v--visiting my grandparents
w--watching movies with the cousins after Thanksgiving dinner
x--extra chessy lasanga
y--youth leaders. and the nine years that they were at our church. I miss them
z--zeal. having a strong passion for something

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

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  1. Love the clever list idea!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you, Emily!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jamie!

  3. I saw your name and blog on the Thanksgiving linkup and thought . . . Emily Climbs! L.M. Montgomery is my favorite <3

    1. Yes, Emily Climbs is one of my favorite books!

  4. adore this, friend! considering I'm wearing my favorite cozy sweater right now, I would have to say yes, especially to that thankful thought. :) thank you for linking up your wonderful list!

    have a fabulous weekend!

    1. You're very welcome! I enjoyed doing it :)

  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my post The Next Big Thing. :)



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