The "Post-Climax Stupor"

8:12 PM

Picture this: you have just finished writing the climax of your novel. Your character faces a big problem, and your novel is getting really exciting. You take a deep breath, and prepare to write the next chapter.

Then you realize--you have no idea what to do next. So, you stare at the blank page before you, in a sort of daze, scratching your head and near tears. How in the world can you solve the problems in your story and keep your readers reading?

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This is what I call the "Post-Climax Stupor."

Not only am I dealing with the "post-climax stupor"--I just realized that November is a month away. And that means that NaNoWriMo is a month away. Is that crazy or what?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are ups and downs in writing--and I'm down right now. Things will get better, though, as long as I don't quit.

So please excuse me if I don't post like crazy--my goal is to finish my novel before November. *insert deep breath* It's not going to be easy--but I'm excited. Because after I finish this novel, I can start on the sequel :)

Have you ever experienced post-climax stupor?

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  1. I have this problem too, normally because I'm not able to write the climax the way I picture it, so it all comes out different.

    I'm so excited for NaNo too; can't wait to dive into my book. I need to finish the last of my schooling and I'll get to spend the rest of October world building!!


    1. Yes, it's very rare that my writing turns out the way I pictured it :p

      October is always busy, just because I'm getting ready for NaNo--sometimes I wonder if October is actually busier than NaNo itself :D


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