A Parade... And Randomness

8:32 PM

There's just something about parades. Don't ask me what it is. Maybe I love getting candy, so I can eat it until I get sick. Maybe I love the firetruck horns that make me jump ten feet.

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed going to a local parade today with my aunt, cousin, cousin-in-law, little sister, and--of course--my cousin's two adorable little kiddos, Londan and Oliver (should I just have said "family" and saved a lot of time?...)

Oliver does not like cotton-candy. Crazy kid... 

Londan: "Annie was like THIS!"

My girl :)

He's my little Dude.

I can't get enough of those kids. Goodness...

Anyway... To end this post, I just have to share some funnies with y'all. Because I love humor, don'tcha know? 
{All below photos via pinterest}

haha, I totally know what this is like :p

Yes. If only Peeta were real...And on a side-note--you can't not agree that he's nice on the eyes.*ahem* Moving on...

And this isn't funny, but the song is amazing, so... I wanted to post it :p

So how's your life going? Because mine is insane and amazing :p

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