Writing Challenge~Day 5//Character Pictures

4:31 PM

The Challenge: Find pictures for the characters in  your novel. 

This is going to be fun. Mwa-hahahaha.....

Brynn Mason is my main character. She's proud and bitter. She's young and invincible (or so she thinks). For her whole life, Brynn has tried to convince people that she is strong--that war doesn't shake her. But on the inside, Brynn is a sensitive person who loves deeply. She feels like she has to hide how she really feels because in her eyes, showing emotion makes you vulnerable.

Brynn's best friend is Riley Kale. Riley is dark and brooding, though he didn't become so until his father was killed. He is one of the most respected people in camp, though people are half-afraid of him. Riley's main weakness is arrogance, and it trips him up sometimes.

Vince Mason is the older cousin of Brynn, and the person responsible for saving Brynn's life. Vince's parent's were also murdered by Government Agents, and he has no family in the world except for Brynn and Erik. While Vince has great responsibility as a Rebel leader, his feels that his first priority is being Brynn's guardian. His cousin Erik doesn't agree, though, and there is often tension between the two.

Erik Masterson takes his role as Rebel leader seriously--a little too seriously, in the eyes of his cousins, Brynn and Vince. But Erik is the most respected man in camp, and no one finds it hard to admit that Erik is the best leader that the Rebel's could ask for. Erik's mind is always active, and he gets frustrated when other's can't see things that he considers obvious. Erik and Brynn are a lot alike, though neither of them see it (or choose not to see it), and sometimes, Erik thinks that his biggest opponent is not the Government, but Brynn.

Maverick Adams is another promising fighter in the Kearney. He was left an orphan after an uprising in a nearby city, and his Rebel aunt brought him to the Rebel camp. Maverick seems to have a special dislike for Brynn, but he can't avoid her, since he is also best friends with Riley.

The clown in the Kearney is Seth Bowen. He is rarely seen without a smile, and his goal is to keep spirits up (though Riley and Maverick never get his humor). Because Seth is a goof-off, people don't notice what a skilled fighter he is--or his high IQ.


I have one other important character: Aaron Kale (Riley's older brother). Unfortunately, I can't find anyone that looks like my idea of Aaron... So he has no picture :(

Tomorrow is the last day of the writing challenge! (Has this week flown by or what??) I've had a pretty good time doing the challenge--I definitely have gotten to know my novel a little better. So I'm happy :)

The last challenge is: Tell why you love writing. When did you start to write? How did you discover that you enjoyed writing? What are your plans concerning writing?

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  1. I love it; you're characters are all different from each other but they look great together.

    Is this really almost done? Nooooo. I have a surprise to reveal tomorrow though, but it wouldn't have come about without doing this challenge! Thanks, Emily!


    1. Thank you! I'm quite happy with the characters :)

      Yes, it's almost done. I'm going to miss the challenge :( Ooo a surprise?? Now I'm super excited!! And you're welcome! :D


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