Writing Challenge~Day 4//Excerpt

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Today's challenge is to give an excerpt or two. These are the two that I picked :)


"The greasy chicken fell from my hands and back onto the plate. I crossed the kitchen into the living room and stood near the window, watching the life of the camp. It was strange, watching the action from far off, almost like I was in another life.
What it would be like to live without war? Without the constant fear of your closest friends never coming home again? Wouldn’t life feel dull? Slow? At the time, I didn’t really care if life without war was boring or not—it would be a welcome change."


“Brynn.” I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, and knew Vince was standing behind me. He sat down on the ground next to me. “I want you to know—about tomorrow… Take care of yourself. Okay?”
“I always do,” I smiled.
“Well take extra care tomorrow, then. I want to see you’re bright and beautiful face as soon as the battle’s won—understand? If you don’t come find me immediately, I’m gonna start to panic.”
“I’ll find you, don’t worry.”
“I’m sounding like a worried parent, aren’t I?” Vince sank back onto the ground. “I think I have the right—you’re all that I have, Brynn. If something happened to you, I’d go crazy. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true.”
I smiled. “Remember to look after yourself, too, Vince. I’ll be fine.”
“You probably will. But I’d still feel better if Riley or I were with you.” Vince sighed. “Listen, I know that I can’t protect you forever, but I’m going to try to as long as I can. You’re sixteen, and you think that you're capable of conquering the world—but to me, you’re a helpless, little baby girl who doesn’t know her right from her left... My helpless little girl.”
I tried to blink back the tears that kept flooding my eyes. “I love you, Vince.” I wrapped my arms around my wonderful, amazing cousin, and wondered how I could ever be discontent when I had Vince.
“I love you too, kiddo.” Vince kissed the top of my head. “You better get some sleep, alright? I want you to be wide awake tomorrow.”
Vince’s hand stopped me as I stood to leave. “Be careful, Brynn.”
“I will.”

{These writings are mine. So if you steal them, then I can come after you. Do. Not. Steal.}


Tomorrow's challenge is going to be another fun one (at least, I think so :D). Find pictures of your main characters.

Now, I know that sometimes it's very hard to find people who look like your characters... So if you can't find anyone, that's okay. I totally understand. You could always draw your characters. Or if you aren't the best artist (like me), you can come up with your own challenge for tomorrow. Have fun!

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  1. I like your excerpt. I can actually relate a little to the cousin thing; I was very close to one of my cousins growing up and I still feel close even though our families have grown apart after our twelfth birthdays. :)


    1. I'm very close to my cousins, too. In fact, Vince was inspired by one of my cousins :)


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