Writing Challenge~Day 3//Soundtrack

7:53 PM

Today's challenge is to make a soundtrack for your novel/writing project. I kept adding songs... So I finally had to tell myself that I could only pick ten songs... I cheated and chose eleven :p The real names of the songs are after the soundtrack names

Ending Credits//I Won't Let Go--Rascal Flatts
Ghosts//Rue's Farewell--Hunger Games Soundtrack

Riley's Theme//Superman (It's Not Easy)--Five for Fighting

Change//The Giving--Michael W. Smith

Brynn's Theme//A Place in This World--Taylor Swift

Too Easy//Frost Giant Battle--Thor Soundtrack

The Battle//Battle of the Heroes--John Williams

New Feelings//An Ideal Marriage--Downton Abbey Sountrack
 War Games//Up is Down--Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
Beginning of the End//Deep Shadows: Hunger Games Trailer
Dark Night//Mermains--Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack


So what's the feel of your novel's soundtrack? Sweet? Melancholy? Epic (I love epic movie soundtrack's for this novel... I just wanted to do individual songs for this post)? Does your character have any theme songs?

The challenge for tomorrow is to give an excerpt from your book (if you haven't started writing yet, that's ok--you can do whatever you want!!)

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  1. Great soundtrack; I really loved The Giving, I'd never heard it before and it was beautiful! I like all the epic music, too. And John Williams rocks. :D


    1. Yes, John Williams does totally rock!!


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