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8:45 PM

The challenge: Tell why you love writing. When did you start to write? How did you discover that you enjoyed writing? What are your plans concerning writing?

How do I explain why I love writing?? I just do. Writing is a way that I express myself. Things that are hard to say are easy to write. I put all of my heart in what I write.

But there's more to my passion than that. I write stories that I would like read. As I've said before, there are stories waiting to be written--and it's up to me to write them. Can I really let all those stories down?

I was always writing something growing up. My first story was very.... Interesting. It had no plot whatsoever. But hey, I was five. I mostly wrote plays; it wasn't until I was about eleven or twelve that I decided to write stories. After I wrote my first story, I loved it (writing in play format seemed kind of hard, compared to novels). So, I kept writing stories.

Now, here I am a bunch of years later, and still in love with writing. I'm pretty sure that I will always love writing. Even if I never get published--I'll still love writing. I hope I do get published, though, because that would be awesome. Just sayin' ;)


Is that really the end of the writing challenge?? I'm going to miss it. But it's not like I'll never post about writing again. That's such a ridiculous idea... :p

And now--a BIG thank you for doing the writing challenge with me! Y'all are awesome :D

{Please forgive me if this post isn't written very well--my allergies are bothering me, and I'm having a hard time seeing the computer screen :/ } 

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  1. I had so much fun on this challenge, Emily! Thanks for all your support, too! I love ya!


    1. I a lot of fun, too! And your welcome! Love ya too, Jamie! :)

  2. Cool post! I feel almost exactly the same way about writing. Kind of unrelated, but I love how you have Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes soundtracks on your mixpod. In my opinion, that's pretty epic. xD

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I love the Sherlock and Pirate's soundtracks!


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