Things I {Heart} #3

10:26 PM

The truth in this^.

Branson and Sybil (mostly Branson :p). But seriously, the two of them are adorable.
Best couple in Downton. 

Blurry pictures. Labor Day. Rainy days. Watching movies in the dark. When one of my very best friends
comes over to watch The Hunger Games with me. Hugging pillows all through the movie.

A cup of tea and a good book, beside an open window.

Instagrams from band practice. Band practice in general.

Peeta <3 p="p">
Flowers. Especially tropical-looking flowers. They're so beautiful.

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  1. Wow - Pappy's flower is gorgeous. I told Mee Mee that I need you to do my photos for my dossier. I need one of each room in the house, a page of me, and a page of the neighborhood. I know you will make me look good!

    1. Yeah, I can take them for ya :)


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