The 1 Week Writing Challenge

3:08 PM

Well, my blogoversary was two days ago... I'm not really sure how I missed it, because I knew it was sometime soon. Anyway, I'm kind of mad at myself :/

Moving on...

I know everyone says this on their blogoversary--but I really do love my followers. You guys are awesome. Getting a comment is like getting an early Christmas present. Love you guys!!!

It's hard for me to believe that I've been blogging for 3 years--that is pure craziness!! When I first started blogging, I was a short little girl who loved to write. Three years later--I'm still a short little girl who loves to write :p But I've grown so much since then (personality-wise, not in height). I'm starting to know who I am and what I want to do with my life. My love for writing has grown more than I ever thought it could. I love blogging. I really do. 

So, to celebrate blogging, I want to do something fun. 

A writing challenge. Starting tomorrow, I'll post something that has to do with writing--it might be character sketches, an excerpt, or anything--and you can do it, too. The point of the challenge will be to encourage people in their writing. It should (hopefully) be fun :)
So will you join me? I'll post tomorrow's challenge right now: 
Post about your current writing project. If you aren't working on anything right now, say something about your last project, or why you love writing. Don't forget that everyone loves to hear a synopsis! :)

Since I'm not as techy as I'd like to be *insert scowl*, if you want to  link up, you'll have to right-click and save the picture, then upload it to your blog :) I apologize for my lack of knowledge :/

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  1. I'll try the challenge, Emily!!!! Congrats on three years, that's a lot more than me!!!! :D


    1. Yay, your trying it! :D Thanks, Jamie!!


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