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The older I get, the more I realize how great my friends are. I love them. So. Much. My friends are amazing. I love hanging out with them. We're so goofy :p Oh, and by the way, Murder is an awesome game. Hehe, and when you get eight teen girls playing Murder at twelve at night, you get a lot of giggling and craziness. But I love it.

I can be myself around my friends. We get a little full of ourselves sometimes :p
Not only are my friends fun, but I love how I can be serious with them. I love that I can sit down with them and talk about what God is doing in my life. Friends that draw you closer to God are priceless.

Me with my soul sister, Sarah :)

Source: via Emily on Pinterest
Seriously, I have awesome friends.
 I have the best friends ever. 
I love them. 
A lot. 
So much that it hurts.

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