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4:45 PM

I've been writing like crazy the past few days. And isn't that what writers are? Crazy? Insane? Lunatics? (For our work, that is ;)) I can't remember the last time I've had such a fountain of inspiration... And I'm not sure why I'm on such an inspiration-high. Maybe it's the rainy autumn weather (am I the only one who writes better when it's raining?) No matter what the reason, I'm excited about writing. I have nearly 50,000 words--and that was my minimum goal. So.Awesome. (My fellow writers know exactly what I'm talking about).

So about this "Inspiration"... It's a very important part of writing. Whenever I think about inspiration, two thoughts come to mind.

1) Inspiration is amazing, and I don't know what I would do without it.
2) Don't ever stop writing just because you don't have any inspiration. Force yourself to write!

What happens if you run out of inspiration? Where can you find inspiration?

Besides my laptop and Scrivener (my best friend in the whole wide world), there are a few other writing tools that are indispensable to me.

Music. I must have music when I write. When I first started writing, I never listened to music while writing. But now, I can't do without it. So, when I start a novel, I usually put together a soundtrack of songs that fit my novel. The playlist for my current novel is a mix of soundtracks and songs, though I tend to lean towards soundtracks (sometimes beautiful and moving lyrics can be distracting). Epic soundtracks are especially amazing (Hans Zimmer, anyone??)

Here are a few songs from the "soundtrack" to Beginning of the End.

L' Ultima Notte by Josh Groban (<3 p="p">
An Ideal Marriage--Downton Abbey soundtrack
Un Amore Per Sempre by Josh Groban (let's just assume that every song of his is on here, okay??)
Thor soundtrack
Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
The whole Freedom CD (especially The Giving) by Michael W. Smith (a very talented man!)
Hunger Games soundtrack (especially Rue's Farewell)
Iron Man soundtrack
Lost by Michael Buble
Jim Brickman songs (another talented pianist!)
There are a ton of others... but it would take forever to list them here :)

Pictures. Since my book is about war, I keep a few pictures of army trucks, planes, and groups of soldiers in Scrivener, where I can pop them up for inspiration, along with amazing landscapes. Most of all, I love to find pictures of people who just are my characters--there's something about having a face that matches the picture in my head. And thanks to Scrivener, I can keep my character pictures right beside the page while I'm writing.

These are just a few personal things that help me write. I also love to have drink tea while I write. And eat peppermint patties. Yes. I need them. You need them. Chocolate stimulates the brain. And so does mint. So the two together make a great team. Trust me. It's good for you. Don't feel guilty. It's good for you.

Now I feel all pumped up to go work on my novel--armed with pictures, a Josh Groban CD (or three....), and... what?? What is this nonsense?? No peppermint patties?! Oh well... I'll just have to deal with it until the next time I go to the store....

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  1. I <3 this post!!!!! Everything about it!!!! :D :D

    Oh, and I LOVE the Iron Man soundtrack. And Hans Zimmer. :P


    1. Yes. The Iron Man soundtrack fits my novel so well :)

  2. I love inspiration. =) I also have to write with Scrivener, listen to music while I write (either the soundtrack or Pandora station for my novel), and collect pictures of the characters, setting, etc.

    I'm glad I found your blog! God bless.


  3. I guess I'll have to see that you have some peppermint patties!


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