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Not my blood family, but my other family. I'm talking about my characters, the cast of my current work, Beginning of the End. Here are a few of the characters (I still haven't found a face for Aaron Kale...).

Brynn Mason is the daughter of Peter Mason, the murdered leader of the Rebels. She was raised by her cousins, Vince and Erik, who taught her everything they knew about fighting. As a result, Brynn is one of the most talented fighters in the rebel camp and everyone knows it. All the praise and love go to Brynn's head, and she is often caught boasting of her abilities to the guys in the Kearney, who she spends most of her time with.

Riley Kale is Brynn's best friend. Other than Brynn, he is the most promising fight in the Rebel army. Riley fights in the Kearney, alongside the other "star" fighters. Sometimes his quiet, moody side gets the best of him and he goes without talking to his fellows officers for days, which often leads to chaos.

Vince Mason is Brynn's cousin. He raised her and watches over her as she grows; he's her father figure and adopted older brother. Vince is known in camp as the "Father of the Kearney", as he started the elite fighting force. He is a General in the Rebel army, and supports the Cause whole-heartedly, but he feels like his first priority is Brynn. He and Erik often get into arguments, because Vince doesn't think Erik cares enough about Brynn.

Maverick Alston also fights in the Kearney, and is known for his ability to find trouble. He and Brynn have an intense dislike for each other, but they find it hard to avoid each other, because of their shared friend, Riley. Maverick was originally from a nearby Government city, but moved to the Rebel camp with his aunt and uncle when his parents were killed in an explosion when Maverick was 10. Because of his Government background, he wasn't fully accepted into the Rebel camp for a while after coming, though he was soon befriended by Riley.

Erik Masterson is the leader of the Rebels, the older cousin of Vince and Brynn, and the most respected man in all the Rebel community. He became the leader of the Rebels when his uncle died, and also helped raise his baby cousin, Brynn. He tries to balance his Rebel leadership and his personal life as the co-guardian of Brynn, but most of the time, he finds it hard, and slacks off on Brynn. Erik is the brilliant leader that the Rebels need and the whole community looks to him for leadership.

Seth Bowen fights in the Kearney as well. He grew up with Riley and Brynn and is always trying to brighten up their day by telling jokes. Seth feels that the Kearney shouldn't focus on death, and encourages them to lighten up,  but Maverick doesn't always get Seth's humor. Though Seth is by far the most humorous, lovable, guy in camp, he is a genius, and invents nearly everything that the Rebels use.

Here's the list of individual character sketches I did:

And yes, I made a new book cover... Thoughts???

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  1. I can't wait to read this in print someday! And I love the new cover!

  2. I can't wait to read it in print, either ;) I really want to get this one published!


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