3:30 PM

It's finally starting to sink in that summer is almost over. I'm still fighting it, but I know that I'll have to fully accept it soon. 

These last few weeks have been amazing, though.Thursday was my family ice-cream party. Friday was a baby shower for my friend's older sister. My town had it's anniversary on Saturday, complete with a parade and fireworks. And everyone knows--fireworks are the best.

{Pardon the power-lines in the way :/}

{From left to right-Kim, Maria, Sarah, Laura, me, Diana}

The damper on the week was that my friend, Laura, left for college. So after church on Sunday, a few of the girls got together to take one last picture. There were plenty of hugs, a few tears, and we all stood around talking until we realized that it was time to go. 

Goodbyes are always hard--whether it's goodbye to summer, or goodbye to a dear friend. But one thing about goodbyes: they make Hello's sooo much sweeter.

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