3:15 PM

Every single band practice... Why do I never learn??

My best friend and I love this one^  

I want to do this someday.

Heehee, I love these two :)

So true.... :(

Yep =D

I'm homeschooled, but every time I'm at some big gathering (like youth activities) I do this :p

I want a shirt that says this.

Yeah, I really need to stop doing this....


All. The. Time.


What would life be without humor?

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  1. Love these! LOL, I also need a shirt that says that. I would wear it whenever I know I'll be meeting new people and will be acting more quiet than usual... Yes, I need a shirt that says that.



  2. hehehe. this made me smile. I was going to point out my favorites, but I had too many. priceless!


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