Explaining the Inexplicable--i.e. Downton

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I've been putting off this post for two reasons. 1) I wanted to watch  the rest of season 2 before reviewing the show. 2) This thought has been going through my head: "How does one explain Downton Abbey?? It can't possibly be done without sounding completely incoherent!!"

As you can see, I've decided to give this review a shot. It won't really be a review, though--it will be much more like rambling :) Those who have seen the show will understand.

There were two inappropriate scenes in the first and second episodes... But if you fast forward through them,  the rest of the show is fine.

{left to right--Sybil, Mary, Edith}
I really didn't like the Crawley sisters in the first season (I loved Sybil, just not the other two).
Mary and Edith were always so selfish, and very cruel to each other. They were much better in season 2, though. Much, much better.

The servants are very loyal and hardworking. Except for Miss O'Brian and Thomas. Yeah, I really don't like those two. They're the evil in the household. Sometimes I wonder why the Crawleys don't seem to notice...

I love the time period--the costumes are beautiful (and the theme music? love it). Lord and Lady Grantham are loving parents--though they do make mistakes. The elegance of the Crawley's lives makes me catch my breath. I am now more certain than ever than I was born about 100 years too late.

Anna and Bates are so sweet. They are both so loyal and love each other so much.

Matthew is amazing. He's kind and gentlemanly. He's got a British accent. He's got beautiful eyes.
'Nuff said.

Lady Violet is hilarious. Seriously. She never fails to make me laugh. She's got some of the best lines.
"No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else's house."
"What is a weekend?"
Sir Richard: I'm afraid we might never see each other again.
Lady Violet: Do you promise?

Branson and Sybil are my favorite part of the show. He's so devoted. And amazing. And Irish (I have this big thing for Irish guys). These two are by far my favorite couple on the show. And I know that this is practically a criminal offence to most people... But... I love Branson much more than Matthew. He's one of my reasons for watching the show. I love him. And... I could go on for hours and hours about Branson.... But I won't. 
Moving on.

Best show. Ever. My top favorite of all time. Am I being redundant? Sorry. But this show is awesome. 
Now I just have to wait for season 3. I'm going to go insane until it comes out....
Go watch.
Right now.

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