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It hit me last night, when I was lying in bed, with sweet summer air flowing through my open window. Crickets chirped and a ceiling fan hummed, composing a lullaby. My bed sheets had just been washed--they were soft and smelled wonderful. That's when I realized...

I have a perfect life.

It's true, I complain that I need my own room, and a better camera. I say that I "need" (a.k.a. want) new clothes. But last night, I realized that honestly-- I couldn't ask for more. 

How can I complain about having my own room when there are people living in cardboard boxes? How can I want more clothes when there are people who only have rags? How can I complain about dinner when  people are starving? And how can I get upset with my family when there are children who would give anything to have a mom, and a dad, and brothers and sisters?

My life is a blessing--my life is a gift from God. What right do I have to complain when my Heavenly Father has placed everything in my life for a purpose? He has given me my family, my friends, my house--my life. I can be sure that everything in my life is perfect--because everything the Lord does is perfect. The only problem is myself; way too often, I forget that my life is a gift.

Maybe if I would stop and listen to myself, I would notice how spoiled and ungrateful I sound. I really do have a  perfect life. But instead of looking at what I have, I keep looking at what I don't have. And when I do look at what I have, I usually look at the big things--like cars, house, food--instead of realizing that the little things are often the biggest blessings

So I've made up my mind: I'm going to remember that every individual thing in my life is a gift. The Lord has given my so many blessings--He even sent His Son to die for me. I want to remember how truly blessed I am. 

Every breath.. Each clean drop of water that enters my mouth. Those dirty sneakers that look atrocious. Every burnt piece of toast. They are all so small--but they really are blessings. Someone, somewhere, would love to own a pair of dirty sneakers. Someone would love eat twenty pieces of that burnt toast.

Everything is a blessing. We really do have so much. Even when it doesn't seem like we do.

This^ is probably one of the best songs ever written. 
The singer wrote this song after it was discovered that her husband had a brain tumor.
It's such a powerful song.

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