8:24 PM

Dear Main Character,

Why are you being so stubborn? I really, truly thought that I had figured you out completely. But no. Turns out you're full of surprises. I'm really starting to get frustrated with you. If you don't straighten out... I'll do something drastic. But that would probably ruin the story... So I guess that was just an idle threat.

Really, though, touch bases with me sometime and let me know how you want this story to end (I though this was my story, but you've proven me wrong). 

Seriously, MC, please, please, please, make up your mind. Everything is going great with my story. Except that you're taking forever to make your mind up on one small--but important--detail. And if you don't figure this little problem out, I'm going to be drifting aimlessly, waiting for you to make your decision. Please, get things straight. Soon.

Your Frustrated But Loving Creator.


Dear Plot,

You aren't a person, so I can't write a complaint letter to you.


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