It's Summer & the Gang's All Here

4:23 PM

Isn't my brother just the best looking guy ever??


The best day of the summer was last week when the whole neighborhood (minus 4) had a picnic. Then we went swimming and three teen girls ate a whole bowl of pasta salad by themselves (was I one of those girls? You'll never know).

Today we had a badminton tournament. It was hot, but we put up with it and rocked out to a playlist I made. I was on a team with Rebecca. And we did great, but of course, we didn't win. We still did good, though :) 

Mark was a one man team. 
He beat everyone. 
That's kind of embarrassing.
 But hey--he's an all-around amazing athlete. It's not fair.

Summer is the best time of year. And badminton tourneys are so fun. 

And tomorrow we're gonna do it all over again.

<3 <3 <3

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