Getting There

3:39 PM

May I just say that I have 19,245 words in Beginning of the End?

I'm freaking out.

Sure, it's not like I have 50,000, but it's still really cool. I don't remember getting to 19,000 words so easily with Rebel Yell. But anyway.

As I said, I'm really excited. The story is coming along really well (or at least, I think so :p). I'm finally getting to my most-planned-out scene. And that's super cool. Okay, more than super cool. Super duper cool. It's awesome, alright?

I'm sorry to bore y'all with all these writing posts (I'm sure there will be more to come), but I've been writing none stop, so I'm kind of on a sugar-high. Except with writing. So really, it's a writing-high. Whatever...

One of the reasons I posted though: Since I'm going totally crazy with all of my writing, I might not get a chance to post to much. But--I'll try to keep you updated with how the story is going. And if you don't want to know... Well, shame on you :p Just kidding, I won't load you down with my writing. I'll remember to post some other stuff, too :)


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