Character Sketch--Brynn Mason

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Brynn Mason is my main character in Beginning of the End (working title). The book is told from her point of view. I was so excited when I watched "White Collar", because Kate looked like Brynn (or what I had pictured her in my mind). Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to her, using the character sketch from Scrivener (which is totally amazing, by the way!).

Full Name: Brynn Delaney Mason.

Meaning of Name: Honor

Role in Story: Main Character.

Age: 16. DOB: August 9, 2063

Physical Description: She has a nice nose, full lips, and somewhat pale skin. Her build is short, with small bones. She is much stronger than other girls because she has trained herself her whole life. She has big, dark eyes, which always stand out in people's memory. Her straight, dark blond/light brown falls just below her shoulders. 

Occupation: Solider in the Rebel army.

Personality: Quiet and serious. She doesn’t like to let people know her emotions. Brynn is soft and sentimental on the inside, though she tries to hide it. 

Habits/Mannerisms: She often tosses her head to get hair out of her eyes, and tilts her head upwards when she’s offended or challenged. She also tends wets her lips when she is uncomfortable or nervous.

Motivation: Pride. She wants people to know that she is capable of so much.

Flaws: Pride and bitterness are Brynn's biggest flaws. She thinks she can do everything, and doesn't hesitate to tell people so. Her longing for glory doesn't seem like a problem to her--she believes that all she wants is for people to acknowledge her talents, and realize that she isn't a child anymore. Her past experiences have given her a taste as bitterness, as well. She struggles against being consumed with hate against every Government supporter she sees, as the Government killed her parents; Riley has to stop her multiple times from killing Government agents.

Background: Her parents were the Rebel leaders, but they were murdered by the government. She was raised by her cousins, Vince and Erik. They taught her everything they knew about fighting, and now she is one of the most skilled fighters in camp.

Internal Conflicts: Brynn secretly wonders if the Rebels can beat the Government, though she hates to admit it. She also battles feelings of bitterness towards her cousin, Erik, for letting the Rebels take priority over their family.

External Conflicts: She doesn't like Maverick, and that causes tension between her and Riley. She argues with Erik, too, when he will not let her in the Kearney.

What she wants most: To fight in the Kearney, and for people to know her capabilities and skills.

Thanks for reading :) 

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