My Love of Phantom

5:23 PM

The music...The characters...The story... It's all amazing.

Seeing Phantom of Broadway was amazing. It was beyond amazing. It was epic.

My favorite thing about Phantom? The Phantom himself. He was played by Hugh Panaro. Words can't describe how beautiful his voice is. Seriously.

So pause my music player and listen to this music. You won't be sorry.

{The Mirror//The Phantom of the Opera//Music of the Night}
(Unfortunately, the quality isn't too great--and I'm not too crazy about this Christine, but oh well.)

Here's a better version of "Music of the Night"--Hugh Panaro is singing it in some park in NYC.

{Music of the Night}

And here are some other songs. These are from the movie soundtrack, because I couldn't get live ones :/


{Angel of Music}

{Wishing You were Somehow Here Again}

This is my favorite musical of all time. I listen to the music over and over again. I plan on seeing it again someday.

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