3:46 PM

My trip to the amusement park didn't go according to plan. I guess that I wasn't as completely recovered as I thought :/ So since I don't have too many pictures from yesterday, I have some other pictures for you :)

This year I surprised everybody and actually started to win games. It kinda... Freaked me out a bit. Because   I never win. It felt good. Does winning feel this good all the time? 'Cuz I like it.

We taught Jackie and Jim to play Settlers of Catan. I think the liked it.

These just happen to be my two favorite girls IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

I love this ^ girl <3

Londan was swimming. So I told her to give Mark a big hug. She thought it was a good idea. 
Mark didn't.

Okay, so, picnic food is the best. Hamburgers over the fire, three-bean salad, pasta salad, homemade relish... Oohhh yeah.

Annie and I went back to the creek for a photo shoot. This is the only picture of me you're going to see :p

This could have turned out better... I took a bunch of high-speed shots of Annie running through the sprinkler, then used Photoshop to lay the pictures over each other.

Nothing says "summer like an ice-cold coke.

I love this little dude.

I love this little girl. She's going to be 3 tomorrow. 

Now, I'm off to a ball game. I hope you all have a good week!

Oh, and I'm still not feeling to good. So prayers are appreciated! :)

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  1. That picture of Annie running through the sprinklers is VERY cool. You are quite the talented photographer!


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