5:44 PM

I'm quite depressed. I spent about 2 or 3 hours getting a post together of my Hammond pictures... And when I went to publish it, it published--but only the title. Not the pictures, not the words, not anything. Hm. That stinks. I now officially feel like hitting my head on the table.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm not going to do a Hammond post for a while--at least, not until I think that it will work, and I have a few hours of my life to waste :/ I've decided to do something else. 

I have a quick question first of all--Ashlyn Sound (my band) is thinking of changing our band name. Here are some names we've thought of. Can you help us?

  • In the Beginning
  • Artificial Smile
  • No Secret
  • Glory Heights
  • The Good Life
  • Tomorrow's New
  • Generation Courage
  • 2nd Chance
So, yeah... Help is muchly appreciated :)

And now.... I know that you're all probably very tired of my writing  posts. Because of that, I put up a poll with some ideas that I could post about. And of course, you can always leave a comment and give me ideas, too :)

Anyway... that's all for now, since my Hammond post is no more (I guess--technically--it never was). Hopefully I can get them up here sometime .TTFN :)

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  1. I like Glory Heights. I'm not nuts about artificial smile because I think everyone in the band is pretty genuine. In the beginning would be my second choice.

  2. I think Glory Heights is my favorite, too.


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