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When I first started Beginning of the End, the story only followed two characters: Brynn and Riley. But then, after I had taken that first plunge into the story (and did some major planning), I realized that this story needed just a little more--something was missing. So I enlarged my vision. Instead of the story following just two characters--it follows six main characters. The Kearney.

"Kearney" is an Irish name for "group of fighters"--and that's what the Kearney is; the six best fighters in the Rebel camp just kind of came together to form a team that does all kinds of special missions, from scouting enemy territory, to spying (which I guess could be under "scouting enemy territory :p), to being an assassination squad.

The story focuses on this team and their struggles. I'm pretty happy about the improvement that it has made on the story.

Brynn Mason is the Main Character. So, it's somewhat a given that the story is going to follow her ;) I already wrote a character sketch of her, so I won't write one here.

Vince Mason is Brynn's older cousin. He was the one who formed the Kearney, and is the commanding officer of it. He also helped his cousin Erik raise Brynn after her parents were killed by the Government. Vince is a good fighter, and does his job as an officer responsibly. But he feels that his first and foremost duty is as Brynn's guardian, and has no problem letting the Kearney slide when is conflicts with Brynn, which sometimes causes tension between him and Erik.

Riley Kale is Brynn's childhood friend, and is the best fighter in camp (after the Rebel leader, Erik Masterson). He is by far one of the most popular people in camp--and is the type of person you want to have on your side in a fight. Riley is somewhat of a dark character; he is sarcastic and brooding. He doesn't like to let his feelings show, though he opens up to Brynn.

Aaron Kale is Riley's older brother. He's quiet, and not as dark as his brother. Aaron always seems to be happy, and is a very good fighter, though he doesn't get anywhere near the amount of praise as his fellow Kearney-members get. He is the only one who can actually talk some sense into Brynn when she gets into one of her impulsive moods.

Phil Taylor is what keeps things light in the Kearney. He's always happy, always has a smile on his face, and loves to tell jokes. Without Phil, the tension of war would probably drive the Kearney insane. Because Phil is so lighthearted, the Kearney sometimes has a hard time believing that he is such a good fighter.

Maverick Adams is another amazing fighter. He is annoyed by Phil's constant cheerfulness, and doesn't think that his friends in the Kearney are serious enough. Maverick and Brynn don't really get along, but since they are both good friends with Riley, and fight in the Kearney, they are forced to spend time with each other.

And... since it's been awhile--I'll do a character sketch for you. This time, I'll do Riley Kale.

Name: Riley ??? Kale
Meaning of Name: Firey, impulsive 
Birth Place: Mason Valley, USA
Age: 18 (September 10, 2061)
Nationality: American/Rebel
Hair Color: Light/medium brown with blonde highlights
Hair Style: Short and curly
Shape and Features of Face: Somewhat triangular; handsome; firm jaw
Eye Color:
Medium blue 
Skin Tone:
Scars or Distinguishing Marks:
Disabilities: None
Build or Body Type: Very tall and slender, but very muscular
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Gestures: Scowls a lot
Weakness: though he would never admit it: love 
Special Abilities or Powers:
He's very intelligent and talented; there's not much that he can't do; is in the Kearney; excellent swordsman, gunman, and archer
Bad Habits: Let's his anger get the best of him; stalks off when he's disappointed and/or angry
Good Habits: Always goes with his convictions; obeys orders (for the most part); fights till the death
Best Characteristic: When he's in a good mood he's a great person to be around
Worst Characteristic: It's hard for him to show his feelings
Proud of: His accomplishments (himself)  
Embarrassed by:
Show of emotions
Education: Was trained by Erik Masterson; studies and seems to know everything
Special Knowledge: Because he tries to absorb all the knowledge he can, he knows much more than most people; is taken into Vince's trust with Kearney info
Strong Points: Courage, loyalty, patriotic-ness
Temperament: Moody; sardonic; sarcastic; loving & sweet; pessimist; has a soft side but rarely shows it; fun-loving and yet dark; trustworthy & loyal
Attitude: "Stay out of my way. If I want to talk to you, I'll seek you out myself."
Weakness: Gaining respect
Fears: He doesn't really have any
Phobias: none
Feels Vulnerable When: His emotions start to show
Motivation: Gaining respect
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist
Greatest Want:
To gain the respect of those around him
Greatest Need: To lighten up and show his emotions a little more
History: Father was killed shortly after Patrick was born; grew up with Brynn. Was trained by Erik; Vince growing up. Entered the Kearney at age 14. Is friends with Maverick Alston.

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