The Impact of Imagination: A Post in Which I Somewhat Ramble as Always

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I love to imagine things. I like to dream about everything under the sun: What it would be like if I were a millionaire. What I would do if I were like put in Katniss's position in The Hunger Games (by the way, I'll probably be doing a review on the trilogy). What happens next in the stories I'm writing. What Robin Hood Season 3 should have been, but wasn't. I like to keep my head in the clouds. I'm in my own little world half the time. But its okay, people know me there ;)  (I wish I could remember who came up with that....)

With all those daydreams floating in my head, I lose my mind quite a bit. But I wouldn't trade that. Not for any amount of money on the planet. It keeps life exciting. On rainy days in my little tiny town, I can travel far away to a sunny place in you-name-it; I don't have to be just a regular person walking the streets--I can be the President, a journalist in the Middle East, or a content girl living in the British countryside. Either way, I'm pretty happy with life.

My imagination is a passport out of the ordinary. It creates worlds for me, and me alone.

It creates a world where my characters can live.

The are two different worlds at this point in my life. Make that three: Rebel Yell, Beginning of the End, and my rewrite of Robin Hood Season 3. Okay, so maybe I didn't create America during the Civil War, or Sherwood forest; but I created the storylines--which are my character's worlds.

The worlds are all so vastly different. Rebel Yell is war-torn America. It's the world of Elsie Hatton, and it comes crashing down at her feet when everyone she loves joins the War Between the States. Robin Hood Season 3 is the world of Robin Hood and his gang. After Season 2 ;) During the oppressive "reign" of Prince John. Beginning of the End  is the world of the Rebels. It's a world where everything has spiraled out of control. It's the beginning of the end for the world: either the end of the evil government, or the end of the Rebels and anyone supporting them.

I feel like a ghost as I drift back and forth between these three worlds. But everyone likes a good trip now and then, right? ;)

For the most part, I've been hanging out in the world of the Rebels (Beginning of the End). I've been molding the storyline so much that I'm out of breath. There are a dozen questions that are racing through my mind: Does this further the plot? Is this scene necessary? Why does this character do that? What does that character want most in life? What is the fire that fuels so-and-so? It's crazy, it really is. Right now, I'm faced with the challenge of a fork in the road. If I go along one road, the story makes sense and I won't have to do a ton of major re-vamping. The other road would make me happier (I can't tell you why, it would ruin the story :p), but a lot of stuff wouldn't make sense, and I'd have to rewrite the WHOLE plot! So... I know that I'm going to leave the plot the way it is... But I'm still going to be a little sad.

Even though I'm writing Beginning of the End for the characters and the story, I feel like a have to write it for a completely different reason: the country. My story takes place years and years from now. It talks about what America "used" to be (which was at the start of our country), how the country started to fall (now) and the awful place that America becomes (years from now). When I write stories, sure--I want to get my ideas down on paper; but I also want to impact the people who read them in one way or another. How I want people to react to Beginning of the End is far different from how I want them to react to Rebel Yell (other than the overall reaction of "wow, this is awesome!"). I want people to take Beginning of the End to heart and look around; I want people to see what happened in the book and think, "Wow. That could happen in America. I need to change something." I want people to be motivated. I want every word to count. And I promise you, I'm going to try.

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