When We Become Silent

9:50 PM

Now that I'm [somewhat] working on Beginning of the End, I am stocking up on quotes that are... well, relatable... from the "Rebel's" point of view. And the above quotes ^^ are so cool :)

Anyway... this weekend, two of my friends are coming over and we plan on having a Robin Hood marathon. ;) Ooooohhhh yeeeaaaaah......

That's all for now. I need to get my rest---Ashlyn Sound has an open practice tomorrow and I don't want to look half-dead due to lack of sleep =D. So night, all.

                    Oh! And Happy Birthday to Morgan, one of my bestest, bestest friends!!!!!!!!! She's 16!!!!!

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  1. That first quote really makes you think...

  2. Hey Emily, have read hunger games? Its very anti-big government. Just like the South in the civil war:)

  3. Nope, I haven't read the Hunger Games yet, but I'm going to.


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